Student Teaching/Internship Application & Deadlines

Application Deadlines*

Student Teaching


Fall Semester
January 15  (ElEd, ECE, all secondary ed)
February 15  (special education)
Fall/Winter School Year
January 15  (ElEd, ECE, all secondary ed)
February 15   (special education)
Winter Semester
September 15  (ElEd, ECE, all secondary ed)
(No special education apps)
The application for Winter 2018 student teaching will be available after August 1, 2017. 

Who should complete this application?

All students who need to enroll in student teaching (including students going to Houston or Washingon D.C.) and students wishing to enroll in an internship.

Application Instructions

The following links contain instructions for each page of the application. Use them as you fill out the application. 


Application Checklist


01 Student Teaching / Internship Major App


02 Student Teaching Minor App


03 Secondary Education Signature Page


04 Autobiography


05 Temporary State Student Teaching License


06 Educator License Information


07 Course Completion Plan


08 Praxis Score Report


09 OPI Results


10 BYU Bridge-Registration Instructions


11 NISTP Information Form


Application Links


*Please read Application Instructions in conjunction with completing the application.


Student Teaching / Internship Application



Secondary Education-Internship Responsibility Form


Special Education-Internship Responsibility Form


List of secondary education university supervisors

List of elementary / ECE  university liaisons


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