ARTS Partnership: Arts Reaching and Teaching in Schools

Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (BTSALP)


The Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program places arts specialists in over 100 schools throughout Utah. The program operates under the direction of the Utah State Office of Education and receives legislative funding. The specialists teach side by side with the classroom teachers to provide exceptional arts instruction that is integrated into the core curricula. BYU, the University of Utah, Utah State University, Southern Utah University, Weber State University, and Westminster College provide professional development to train the specialists and school faculties in many of the participating schools.

BYU is proud to be a participant in this program, and the BYU Arts Partnership coordinates its programs to optimize the benefits for teachers and students.

Friends of Art Works for Kids provides the advocacy for this program.


Arts: Emotion and Learning Brochure

Arts: Emotion and Learning Bibliography, Anecdotes, and Additional Sources


Professional Learning & Faculty Development Opportunities

Below is a menu of the professional learning and faculty development opportunities available to schools in the BYU region. Principals and districts can schedule these workshops by directly contacting the BTSALP professional development provider listed on the menu.

This menu includes a sample of available workshops in one- to two-hour introductory sessions or in half-day or full-day sessions.


Contact us to schedule or discuss how workshops can be customized to the needs of your school. 


Call: (801) 422-6146

Why The Arts?

Engaging students through the Arts: Personality Preferences
Presenter: Teresa Love  (801) 828-5465

Developmental Benefits of Arts Integration
Presenter: Cally Flox  (801) 703-8651
Creative, Divergent Thinking
Presenter: Cindy Clark  (801) 425-5142


Basic Skills in the Arts

Happy Alternatives to Traditional Plays
Presenter: Teresa Love  (801) 828-5465

Basic Skills in Visual Arts
Presenter: Cindy Clark  (801) 425-5142
•  Art Elements 
•  Watercolor and Georgia O’Keeffe
•  Cubism and Color
•  Values and Jim Dine
•  Art Criticism

Basic Skills of Music
Presenter: Jennifer Purdy  (801) 419-5037

Basic Skills in Dance
Presenter: Cally Flox  (801) 703-8651


Arts Integration

Using Drums to Integrate the CORE
Presenter: Jennifer Purdy  (801) 419-5037

Classical Music Improves Literacy
Presenter: Jennifer Purdy  (801) 419-5037

Get Moving with Music
Presenter: Jennifer Purdy  (801) 419-5037

Teachers Make an Opera
Co-Presenters: Paula Fowler and Jennifer Purdy - (801) 869-9090  (801) 419-5037

5 Min of Drama a Day Keep the Core Standard Blues Away: Practical Learning Activities for Language Arts
Presenter: Teresa Love  (801) 828-5465

“Imagine the Heavens” Albert Einstein: STEM using Drama Learning Activities
Presenter: Teresa Love  (801) 828-5465

Reading Aloud Is an Art
Presenter: Teresa Love  (801) 828-5465

Literacy with Art, Drama, Dance, Music, and Math! It’s Natural.
Presenter: Cindy Clark  (801) 425-5142

Thinking Through STEM, "OUTSIDE" the Box
Presenter: Cindy Clark  (801) 425-5142


Download Professional Development Brochure


Applications to Become Involved

Applications to participate in this program are accepted in the spring by USOE. For more information Contact