ARTS Partnership: Arts Reaching and Teaching in Schools

Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program


The Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program places arts specialists in over 100 schools throughout Utah. The program operates under the direction of the Utah State Office of Education through legislative funding. The specialists teach side by side with the classroom teachers to provide exceptional arts instruction that is integrated into the core curriculum. Integration into the new English Language Arts Common Core is the current curricular focus.  BYU, the University of Utah, Utah State University, Southern Utah University, Weber State University,  and Westminster College provide professional development to train the specialists and school faculties in many of those schools.

BYU is proud to be a participant in this program, and the BYU Arts Partnership coordinates its programs to optimize the benefits for teachers and students.

Friends of Art Works for Kids provides the advocacy for this program.

Below is a map showing the location of schools participating in the BTS ALP Arts Specialists in Utah.  

The colors indicate the art form at the school:
Dance: Red                Music: Yellow
Drama: Green            Visual Arts: Blue

View BTS ALP 2012-13 by Art Form in a larger map

 Applications to Become Involved

Applications to participate in this program are accepted in the spring by USOE. For more information Contact