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About the Program

The bachelor’s degree program prepares students with both sound academic knowledge in the field of communication disorders and strong qualifications to go on to graduate work and become speech-language pathologists and audiologists.


This introductory program educates students about communication disorders and instructs them in instrumentation and data collection procedures in language, speech, and hearing.

Application Deadlines

April 15, August 15, and December 15 of each year.

If you are currently enrolled in the last of the prerequisite classes, you may turn in your application form now, and we will enter the grades when available.

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Seminars & Research

Dry Throat?

During speech, vocal cords vibrate faster than the naked eye can see—nearly 120 times per second for males and 230 times per second for females. With that amount continual motion, vocal cords can dry easily and need to be moisturized to work effectively. Kristine Tanner, from the Department of Communication Disorders in the McKay School, has been studying vocal cord hydration since she was a doctoral candidate. Tanner recently completed more research on vocal cord hydration in patients with chronic vocal cord dryness.

Faculty Spotlight

Professor Honored In Poland

David McPherson, ComD professor of audiology, was honored at the World Hearing Center in Kajetany, Poland.