EdS Course Map

Below is a list of all required courses with credits and the sequence in which the courses are offered. Most courses build on previous courses and prepare students for increasingly involved roles in field experiences.

Change Approval: Faculty approval must be obtained when situations prevent students from registering for the proper sequence of courses.

Optional Classes: Three credits of the 70-credit hour program are open for students to take optional courses.

**Course offerings may vary slightly for specific semesters. You should check with the department secretary and program coordinator for current schedules before registering.

First Year - Fall Semester
605 Ethics and Professional Roles and Standards (3)
646 Counseling Theory and Interventions (3)
649 Human Growth and Development (3)
651 Statistics 1: Foundations (3)
699R Thesis (2)
First Year - Winter Semester
606 Psychoeducational Foundations (3)
607 Bilingual Assessment of Intelligence (First Block) (1.5)
611 Special Ed Law (Second Block) (1.5)
629 Introduction to Research (3)
647 Psychometric Foundations and Assessment of Intelligence (3)
699R Thesis (2)
First Year - Spring Term
622 Learning Theories (3)
699R Thesis (2)
First Year - Summer Term
Core academic courses are not offered during summer term.
Second Year - Fall Semester
609 Academic Assessment and Intervention (4)
610 Consultation with School and Family (3)
614 Behavioral Assessment and Intervention (3)
678R Practicum: School Psychology (2)
Second Year - Winter Semester
602 Child Social/Emotional Assessment and Intervention (4)
678R Advanced Practicum: School Psychology (2)
751 Counseling Multicultural and Diverse Populations (3)
Second Year - Spring Term
608 Biological Basis of Behavior (3)
655 Crisis Intervention (3)
678R Advanced Practicum: School Psychology (1)
Third Year - Fall Semester
688R Internship: School Psychology (2)
Third Year - Winter Semester
688R Internship: School Psychology (2)
Third Year - Spring Term
688R Internship: School Psychology (2)
Optional Classes
*613 Autism Spectrum Disorders (1-3)
*648 Group Counseling and Interventions (optional) Elective Courses (3)
*656 Spiritual Values and Methods in Psychotherapy (3)
*678R Special Practicum Comprehensive Clinic Assessments (Spring Term) (2)
*715 Diagnosis and Treatment of Mental Disorders (3)