David O. McKay School of Education

Jumpstart Internship

Mentored Summer Experience
in Washington D.C. 

A Partnership with Jumpstart


Application Deadline is April 1, 2011


Jumpstart Operations

A site manager manages Jumpstart-Howard University with support from a faculty member and staff. BYU student volunteers who will become AmeriCorps members work directly with children in one-on-one and small group instructional interactions in the classroom



Elementary school near Howard University


Approximately May 25 through August 20


The joint BYU/HU project will permit BYU and Howard University students to engage in joint planning and interventions for preschool children. The goal is to ensure that children will develop skills that will permit them to succeed in kindergarten.

The interchange will provide students from BYU and HU with training and experience in teaching and stimulating language/literacy skills.

BYU undergraduate students who are early childhood education, elementary education, or communication disorders majors are invited to participate.

Benefits to BYU Students


The university students (aka Jumpstart AmeriCorps members) will receive onsite training from experts in various aspects of early childhood education.

Practicum or field-based credits

The students may arrange to receive practicum or field-based directed scholarship credits for tuition costs from BYU for their participation.  Up to six credits can be earned, two credits at no cost.


Jumpstart Corps members will receive $1,000 Education Award from AmeriCorps after successfully completing 300 hours of service.

Training and experience

The summer program begins with one week of intensive Pre-Service Training, typically 6-8 hours each day. Afterwards, there are bi-weekly seminars addressing various topics on advocacy, ECE, and citizenship. Guest trainers/presenters are included. Participating BYU students will also receive specialized training from faculty members (Ovetta Harris from HU, and Barbara Culatta and Kendra Hall-Kenyon from BYU).


All AmeriCorps members receive direct supervision from Kyieda Rogers, site manager of the program, and Dr. Ovetta Harris, faculty member in communication disorders at Howard University. (Dr. Harris could provide supervision for ComD graduate students who wish to count internship hours toward those needed for certification).

In the classroom, Corps members receive direct instructional support from teachers. The McKay School also has a local DC area education supervisor who will be involved in the program.

Costs and Obligations

Complete 300 hours of service

Students must complete 300 hours of AmeriCorps Service during their stay in the DC area. The program runs from May 24 to August 20, but  students may leave after they have completed their 300 hours. All training and planning meetings count toward the 300 hours that students must complete.

Cover Personal Expenses

Students will need to pay for transportation to and from Washington, D.C., meals, local travel for special service projects and off-campus training, and housing*.


Housing will cost $350 per month with a non-refundable deposit of $200. Students will share an apartment with other BYU students in Arlington, Virginia. This apartment would be the one used by MSE student teachers during the academic year.


Information about the program can be obtained from the following faculty participants:

Program Directors

Dr. Barbara Culatta
Brigham Young University
Communication Disorders

Dr. Kendra Hall-Kenyon
Brigham Young University
Early Childhood Education

Kyieda Rogers
Howard University
Jumpstart Site Manager

Dr. Merrell and Mary Hansen
Brigham Young University
National/International Field Services Coordinators
206-B MCKB