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Financial Aid for EDLF Programs

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For both full-time and part-time students, financing graduate studies can be challenging. This guide offers information on different forms of financial aid for graduate students in the Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations. The guide covers the following questions:

  • Who is eligible for financial aid?
  • How much aid is offered?
  • Where do I  get more information?
  • Where do I apply? 
  • What is the application timetable?

Four categories of financial aid are available:

  1. Department financial aid
  2. University financial aid
  3. Private financial aid

Department Financial Aid

The Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations offers research assistantships, tuition scholarships, and fellowships. All students, including international students, are eligible to apply for these aids. For more information and for the application forms, see the Student Program Handbooks for the Doctoral Program or School Leadership Program, or contact the department secretary at (801) 422-3813.

Research Assistantship

All full-time graduate students (including LPP students) are eligible to apply for research assistantships. Assistantships are either 10 or 20 hours per week and range between $2000 and $4000 per semester, depending on number of weekly working hours and the degree for which a student is enrolled.

Tuition Scholarship

Department tuition scholarships are based on merit and need. These scholarships do not require service and may or may not cover all tuition costs.

Leadership Preparation Program Financial Aid

The Leadership Preparation Program (LPP) financial aid is in the form of graduate assistantships and/or tuition scholarships. The scholarships are based on student need.

EDLF Financial Aid Application

University Financial Aid

All information regarding financial aid received through the university can be found by contacting the BYU Financial Aid office. Please follow this link: BYU's Financial Aid Page to find contact information.

Private Financial Aid

From time to time different foundations advertise scholarships with an emphasis on particular fields of research.

Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowships

The Spencer Foundation Dissertation Fellowships are provided to encourage scholars from various fields to perform research to improve education. Applicants must be doctoral students at a graduate school in the United States. International students studying in the US are also eligible for the fellowship; applicants do not need to be US citizens. The Foundation is interested in dissertations on educational phenomena anywhere in the world. The fellowships are intended for the latter part of the dissertation proces: for topic analysis and dissertation writing--not for data collection. The fellowships are very competitive: Approximately 30 fellowships of $20,000 are awarded annually. For more information, visit the Web site at or ask the EDLF department secretary, Bonnie Bennett at 422-6070, for a brochure. The application forms can be downloaded from the web site. In the past the applications have been due in October.

Information Sources

Scholarship books in libraries, in bookstores, or on the Internet are additional sources for information on available financial aid. The Foundation Center has various directories for scholarships and grants that are mainly aimed at organizations. Peterson's scholarship book has scholarships and grants that are available for individuals: Peterson's Grants for Graduate & Postdoctoral Study (5th Ed), (1998), Princeton, NJ: Peterson's. Browsing the following web sites  provides additional information:;;;;

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