Overview of the Educator Preparation Program

The Educator Preparation Program consists of the McKay School of Education (MSE) and seven additional BYU colleges, comprising 26 departments, which collaborate with the MSE to prepare undergraduate secondary teaching majors or minors.

The EPP originated as  BYU’s accreditation unit for teacher preparation. BYU graduates approximately 800 teachers each year through the EPP representing the following colleges: Fine Arts and Communications; Biology and Agriculture; Physical and Mathematical Sciences;  Life Sciences; Humanities; Family, Home, and Social Sciences; Engineering and Technology; and the McKay School of Education. The McKay School of Education coordinates this collaboration. The BYU-Public School Partnership districts of Jordan, Alpine, Nebo, Provo, and Wasatch provide practicum sites and participation for EPP students.

The EPP exists to align content and assessment across the broad spectrum of BYU programs preparing teachers. The goal is to ensure that each student who graduates from BYU as a teacher will have the knowledge and skills needed to effectively teach in schools. The EPP is  endeavoring to shift the philosophical approach of teacher education from techniques of teacher instruction to strategies for promoting student exploration and discussion.

Administration and oversight of the EPP is governed by the University Council for Teacher Education (UCOTE), which is comprised of the BYU associate academic vice president for undergraduate studies, the dean of the McKay School of Education, and a representative from each participating college.

Support for the EPP

The EPP functions collaboratively with the Brigham Young University-Public School Partnership, which was formed in 1984 as a collaborative effort involving three entities:  five public school districts (AlpineJordanNeboProvo and Wasatch), the McKay School of Education, and BYU colleges that prepare secondary teachers. The Partnership Governing Board consists of the superintendents of the five districts, the dean of the McKay School of Education, and the executive director of the Partnership. A variety of initiatives, programs, and other activities are conducted by the Partnership in the areas of professional development, grants and funding, and research and publications.

Established in 1996, the Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling is the operational unit for the BYU-Public School Partnership, facilitating its goals and objectives. Located in the David O. McKay School of Education, CITES serves the needs of the three partnership entities and improves teacher education and schooling through three divisions: Professional Development, Education Support, and Education Research.

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