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We provide a variety of student services including scholarships, teaching/internship placement and fingerprinting.

Scholarship Online Application

The Application will be open until March 29, 2013

We invite all majors in the School of Education to apply for 2013-14 scholarships which are now available online.
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Teaching/Internship Applications

Fall 2015 (Deadline is January 15, 2015)

If you have questions, contact the ESS office at 801-422-3426 or come in to 350 MCKB to schedule an appointment.
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Teacher Licensing

We process all elementary education, special education and secondary education teacher licensing recomendations submitted to the Utah State Office of Education

Meet our Advisors

Academic advisement is available to students majoring in ComD, ECE ElEd, SpEd and PETE

Our staff of advisors and peer advisors assist students with questions and needs regarding general education, major/minor requirements, graduation requirements, and teacher licensure. Secondary education students should regularly receive advisement concerning general education and major requirements through their respective college advisement centers.

Brandan Beerli



Solana Cooper

Tara Goulding

Services We Provide

Graduation Plans
Academic advisement for and instructions for decalring ComD, ECE EIEd, PETE/Coaching, and SpEd majors
Declaring ComD, Coaching
Appointments are required to meet with our advisors. Please call 801-422-3426 or come in to 350 MCKB to schedule an appointment. Our office hours are 8-5 M-F, except for during Tuesday devotionals/forums when we're closed 10:45-12:15.

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Although Education Student Services makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information found on this website, we reserve the right to make changes at any time. Students should regularly consult with their department, college advisement center, the university catalog, and Education Student Services for updates and changes.