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This page contains a list of  frequently asked questions regarding the Praxis II exams. If your question is not answered on this page, feel free to contact Education Student Services at 801-422-3426 or

What is Praxis?

No Child Left Behind (NCLB), an act passed by Congress in 2002, states, “Every child is entitled to a ‘highly qualified’ teacher.” To assist states in identifying "highly qualified teachers," Educational Testing Services (ETS) developed a series of nationwide exams known as Praxis I, II, and III (, which provide evidence of a teacher's content knowledge. From over 200 different Praxis exams, each state selects the exam it will require a teacher to pass in order to be licensed and considered "highly qualified" in a specific teaching area.

Who is required to take the Praxis?

To graduate from BYU with a teaching major students must  (1)  pass the Praxis II exam(s) approved by the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) for their teaching major and (2) provide Education Student Services at BYU with a score report prior to graduation. (As a state of Utah institution, BYU will only recommend students for licensure with the state of Utah.  If you are seeking licensure with another state, then you will need to inquire with that state's office of teacher licensure.)

Some students may also be required to pass the Praxis II in their teaching minor. (Contact Education Student Services for addional information [ or 801-422-3426]).

Students in a BYU teaching program can neither graduate nor be recommended for licensure unless they have passed the required Praxis II exam(s).

There is one exception: No test has been approved for dance education.  To complete this degree and receive certification, dance education majors must complete a portfolio in place of a Praxis II.

When should I take the Praxis?

You should take the Praxis II exam in the semester immediately prior to your student teaching in order for test results to be received on time for graduation.

How can I study for the test?

Resources available

The Praxis II exam tests your knowledge of the content in your major. You may wish to review a sample test or purchase a study guide from ETS to determine your readiness for the exam.

Strategies found useful by past students

  1. You may benefit from reviewing notes and textbooks from past coursework, especially in areas suggested by the “Topics Covered” section of the Test at a Glance (TAAG) publication, which is available online at no charge.
  2. You may find it helpful to practice with the sample test questions in TAAG and compare your responses to the answers provided in the booklet.
  3. You might consider asking a mentor or professor to discuss the sample questions.
  4. You are encouraged to form study groups with other examinees and to prepare for the tests as you would for any professional examination.
  5. You may benefit from reviewing a study guide. A number of study guides are available on campus for free checkout. Review a list of where you may check out these copies. You may also purchase your own copy of a study guide from
  6. It is helpful to complete the sample tests.

How do I know which tests to take?

This link will take you to a list of Utah State Board of Education Approved Praxis II tests.

How do I register?

Register and pay your Praxis II exam fee online at

Be prepared for the following technicalities:

  1. Include your social security number as an identifier used for licensing.  (Do not use your BYU ID#)
  2. Identify both Brigham Young University-Provo and the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) as recipients of your test results.

What are the 2012-2013 Praxis II test dates?

Computer-Delivered Tests

The closest location to BYU to take the computer-delivered test is the Prometric Testing Center, 200 S 400 W #305, Lindon, UT.  There are various times and dates when a specific test can be taken.  To determine which date and time for the particular Praxis exam you need to take works best for your schedule, consult the ETS website.

Paper-Delivered Tests

The paper-delievered test is administered at the BYU Testing Center (265 HGB).  The dates that the tests will be administered are listed below.  Students may register for the desired test and date through the ETS website at:

  • Test Date

  • Registration Deadlines

  • March 3, 2014
  • June 7, 2014
  • February 6, 2014
  • May 8, 2014

What if I have a disability and need special testing accommodations?

Students with disabilities and others who need special testing accommodations will need to follow instructions provided on the ETS website. After declaring your disability, you must be sure to check the status of your disability request with ETS one month before the test to verify that your paperwork has been correctly processed.

What if English isn't my primary language?

Students whose primary language is not English may work with ETS to request extended time to take the Praxis II exam. Please plan ahead because space is limited and the time extension is only offered on certain testing dates.

What if I register but later find I can’t test on the scheduled day?

Contact ETS (1-800-772-9476) and request a change in test date.

What if I miss the test for illness/hospitalization?

Contact ETS (1-800-772-9476) and request a change in test date.

Although Education Student Services makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information found on this website, we reserve the right to make changes at any time. Students should regularly consult with their department, college advisement center, the university catalog, and Education Student Services for updates and changes.

Updated 8/20/2012