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Graduate Studies

You may access any of the following forms at the Office of Graduate Studies web site.

  • Program of Study Change (ADV Form 3b)

  • Application for Graduation (Form 8a)

  • Departmental Scheduling of Final Oral Examination (Masters and Doctoral) (ADV Form 8c)

  • Approval for Submission of Dissertation, Thesis, or Selected Project (ADV Form 8d)

  • Graduate Application Deadlines (GS Form 4)

  • Minimum Standards for Submitting Dissertations, Theses, or Selected Projects (ADV Form 11)

  • Application to Resume Graduate Study (GS Form 6)

  • Request to Change Graduate Degree Level (GS Form 7)

  • Petition for Exception (OGS Form 2)

  • Graduate Student Request for No-Cost/No-Credit Religion Course (ADV Form 6)



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