Advisory Committee

Before the end of the third week of your second semester in the IP&T graduate program, you will need to select and form a graduate program advisory committee. Master's students need a three person committee and doctoral students need a five person committee.

For doctoral students with a second language acquisition specialization, the chair of this committee must be a faculty member from the IP&T department or a member of the graduate faculty from one of the language departments or the department of Linguistics in the College of Humanities. At least one member of the committee must be from the IP&T department and one from the College of Humanities.

For doctoral students with other specializations and for all Master's students, the chair of the advisory committee must be a faculty member from the IP&T department.

For all students, the remainder of the committee members may be selected from the IP&T faculty or from graduate faculty from other relevant University departments. It is also possible to select committee members from qualified professionals outside BYU with approval of the department chair and graduate dean.

The main role of your advisory committee is to help you succeed in your graduate program. The chair of your committee will serve as your principle advisor throughout the remainder of your graduate program. You should meet with your chair at least once each semester to review your progress in the program. Your chair should advise you on the preparation of your Program of Study, on the selection of internship opportunities, and on the selection of appropriate project, thesis or dissertation topics. Your chair will also serve as your principle mentor for your Master's project or thesis or for your doctoral dissertation. You should consult with your chair frequently as you formulate your study topic, prepare your prospectus, conduct your study and write your report.

You should also expect to meet individually on various occasions with the other members of your advisory committee for approval of your Program of Study and advice on your project, thesis or dissertation study.

The chair and members of your advisory committee are not assigned to you. You will need to contact them individually and ask them if they would be willing to serve. Some faculty members may choose not to serve on your committee because they feel their expertise and interest do not correspond with your needs, or they may already have a full advisory load. Your search process will require that you become acquainted with the interests and expertise of the faculty by enrolling in their courses, reviewing their faculty web page, reviewing their vita and publications and meeting with them individually. Discussing the matter with other students may also prove very helpful.

Your Program of Study lists all of the courses you plan to take in order to fulfill the requirements for completion of your degree. Your Program of Study Form [PDF | Word] should be reviewed and signed by all members of your advisory committee and the department chair. The signed form should be submitted to the Department Secretary no later than the third week of your second semester in the program.