Steps For Completing a Master's Program

The keys to success

  1. Ask questions,
  2. Keep in contact with your committee, and
  3. Have a plan.

The suggested path to follow is outlined below.


  1. Study carefully the Master's Requirements document.
  2. Decide on an area of specialization (see description in Master's Requirements document).
  3. Register for your first semester classes after consulting with your faculty sponsor.
  4. Select the chair of your advisory committee.
  5. In consultation with your chair, select two additional members of your advisory committee.
  6. With guidance from your chair and advisory committee, prepare your Program of Study plan using the Program of Study Form [Word | PDF].
  7. Your Program of Study Form must be approved and signed by all the members of your advisory committee and the Department Chair.
  8. Submit the signed Program of Study Form to the Department Secretary no later than the third week of your second semester in the program. Your registration for future semesters will be blocked until your Program of Study Form has been submitted.
  9. Complete the courses outlined in your Program of Study Form.
  10. If your interests change, you may make changes to your Program of Study or Advisory Committee with the approval of your Advisory Committee. Submit the approved Program of Study Change, Form 3b [PDF] to the Department Secretary.
  11. Participate in at least one Internship experience.
  12. Attend the Instructional Psychology and Technology Seminars each semester (a minimum of two semesters are required).
  13. Meet with your advisory committee chair each semester to discuss your progress in the program.
  14. Complete a Master's Project or Thesis (review all the steps).
  15. Take note of all the relevant graduation deadlines for 2007-2008 and 2008-2009
  16. Submit the Application for Graduation Form 8a to the Office of Graduate Studies [PDF] during the first month of the semester you plan to graduate before the deadline.
  17. Submit the Department Scheduling of Final Oral Examination (Master’s and Doctoral) Form 8c [PDF] at least two weeks before the Final Oral Exam. Schedule your defense as early as possible in the semester you plan to graduate, since the exit tasks listed below can take several weeks.
  18. Defend your Master's Project/Thesis in a Final Oral Exam.
  19. Make final revisions to your Master's Project/Thesis report recommended by your advisory committee and obtain committee approval signatures.
  20. Submit your Master's Project/Thesis report for review and approval to the IP&T Department Graduate Coordinator and Chair
  21. Submit your Master's Project/Thesis for review and approval to the Dean of the McKay School of Education.
  22. Submit an electronic copy (ETD) of your Master's Project/Thesis.
  23. Submit Approval for Submission of Dissertation, Thesis, or Selected Project Form 8d, Part 1 & 2 [PDF] to the Library and pay relevant fees.

Congratulations. There is life after graduate school!

In general

  1. It is strongly recommended that you not register for more than 12 credit hours in a semester or 6 hours in a term.
  2. Complete a minimum of 12 credit hours per year.
  3. Complete your program within 5 years of entrance.
  4. Maintain a GPA of at least 3.0.
  5. Adhere to University standards.