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Autism Screening Just Got Better

The MCHAT autism screening tool was updated Dec. 2013 for more precise assessment.

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Scientists Getting Closer to Earliest Signs of Autism

Eyetracking may be able to identify early infant signs of autism.

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More States Moving Forward with Autism Insurance Reform Legislation

Utah Autism insurance reform bill introduced.

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National Autism Legislation Under Debate

The Combating Autism Act, which has funded training and research in autism spectrum disorders for several years, is due to be re-authorized again this year. Rather than a united front for re-authorization, legislators and advocacy groups have differing opinions on whether the law should be re-authorized in its current form. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and MIke Enzi (R-Wyo) are leading the dissent against re-authorization of the act as is, calling for new programs and mandates instead. Autism Speaks is the largest advocacy group in favor of re-authorization, which is backed by primarily GOP legislators.

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11 Tips for New Autism Parents

Great tips from a mom who has been there.

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Light it up Blue

Here are ways to #LIUB in an effort to spread autism awareness.

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Lifetime Cost of Autism

Study pegs cost of services for autism's growing adult population.

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Brief Observations May Miss Autism Symptoms

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Even experts might miss autism signs in a brief observation. Children who have autism display high rates of typical behavior alongside atypical behavior. However, children who do not have autism also show atypical behavior at times. Even clinicians who have experience and expertise in autism may not detect differences in the atypical-typical behavior ratios in a 10- to 20-minute observation.

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Study Links Epigenetic Changes in Mom’s DNA to Babies’ Autism Symptoms

Changes may reflect environmental exposures and other factors that increase autism risk.

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Enter the ARUCC Essay Contest and Win a Home Security System Package

Thank you for participating in the NorthStar and Autism Resources of Utah County Council (ARUCC) Essay Contest! This is a yearly program that provides home security systems and monitoring packages to families who may benefit. The contest is designed to link families in the community and NorthStar together to provide greater security and peace of mind for children, parents, and caregivers.

This year, NorthStar will select three families as recipients for a home security system package valued at $1,325.00. The system utilizes the most advanced and easy-­to-­use technology on the market—including text notifications and alerts. In addition to the equipment, the families will receive free monitoring services for two years from NorthStar Alarm Services. After the two years of monitoring service commences, the equipment will remain fully functional and ready to arm. The value of the monitoring service for two years is $1,200.

How to enter:

  • Requirements—All families who receive services from a collaborating partner of the Autism Resources of Utah County Council are invited to participate in this contest. Each family must fill out this contest form and turn it in to ARUCC by the deadline date.
  • Deadline—Entries must be e-­mailed no later than February 27, 2015.
  • E-mail your completed application to
  • Please put Northstar Alarm Essay Contest in the subject line of the e-­mail.

For more information, please call Teresa at (801) 863­?5517 or Courtney at (801) 775-7827 ext. 117.

A u t i s m  R e s o u r c e s
NorthStar & ARUCC Essay Contest

1. Name (first, last): __________________________________________

2. ARUCC partner: ___________________________________________

3. Number of children in your home: _______

4. Where do you live (city, state): _________________________

5. Do you have one or more smart phones that we can program your system to? ( ) YES or ( ) NO

6. What type of phone is it? (IPhone, Android, etc.) _____________________

7. Who is your phone service provider? __________________________________

8. Would you be willing to let us interview you for press release purposes? Your name can remain anonymous. ( ) YES or ( ) NO

9. Do you have any special requests in regards to your security system? _____________________________________________________________________________

In three paragraphs or less, please tell us why your family could benefit from a home security system:

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