Research team studies benefits of open educational resources for students of all ages
[3 Apr 2014 | ]
Researchers Explore Value of Open-Source Textbooks

Seeking alternatives to costly traditional textbooks, Educational Inquiry, Measurement, and Evaluation (EIME) PhD student Jared Robinson and his team are investigating the use of low-cost open-source materials.
Robinson, who has been a teacher, said of his decision to pursue a doctorate degree at the McKay School, “I want to be part of the larger educational discourse, and a degree allows for that.” Robinson has found the chance to join significant educational …

[1 Apr 2014 | ]
School Leadership Program Holds Transition Dinners for Interns

The Department of Educational Leadership and Foundations holds two transitional dinners each year to introduce the Leadership Preparation Program interns to the principals of the schools to which they have been assigned. The principals who attend the event will be working with the interns for the next three months on a full-time basis. These events provide students with an opportunity to get to know their mentor principal before beginning their …

Terrell Young, McKay School professor, gives insights about the power of poetry and suggestions for ways to use it.
[31 Mar 2014 | ]
Introducing Poetry in the Classroom

Poetry is a neglected teaching tool in many classrooms, according to McKay School professor Terrell Young. Many new teachers do not incorporate poetry, even though it is an effective way to teach Common Core objectives.
“Typically in elementary schools, teachers don’t like to teach poetry,” Young said. “Many teachers have had negative experiences in high school when they were required to analyze and find hidden meanings, resulting in little incorporation of …

Over four years, BYU women showed lower risk of eating disorders than other college-age women.
[28 Mar 2014 | 4 Comments ]
Four-Year Study Shows Eating Disorders Among BYU Women Lower than National Average

Each year for three years, 1,800 incoming BYU freshman women were randomly selected to fill out two nationally recognized questionnaires: The Eating Attitudes Test, which measures risk levels for developing an eating disorder, and the Body Shape Questionnaire, which reports body shape dissatisfaction. These tests were administered twice a year for four years to estimate risk levels as the group matured academically. Body shape dissatisfaction levels among BYU women were …

A. LeGrand Richards explores the life and legacy of BYU’s founding principal.
[19 Mar 2014 | 2 Comments ]
McKay School Professor Publishes Book on Karl G. Maeser

In 1885 German educators were required to teach six hours of religion each week. The only Latter-day Saint literature in Germany at this time was anti-Mormon, intended to discourage anyone from a positive interest in the church. But it influenced Karl G. Maeser to curiosity rather than dislike. He decided to contact LDS missionaries in Switzerland, and less than a month later he was converted to the church. Maeser was …