Annual administrators conference focuses on ways to make classroom teaching more effective.
[21 Feb 2014 | ]
2013 Learning Edge Conference Spotlights Arts Integration in Classroom

The arts can be an important benefit to every child’s life, including the classroom experience. Making the arts and arts education a part of students’ learning was the central theme for the annual Learning Edge Administrator’s Conference in November. Elementary, secondary, and district level administrators met to discuss ways the arts can enhance learning, which includes improving retention, and developing important skills for students and administrators in the 21st century.
Attendees …

Director at Nebo School District teaches the influencer model to aspiring principals
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The Power of Influence

The Guinea worm plagues Africa during two of the most important farming seasons—planting and harvesting. Those who become infected are unable to work and can only attend school for as long as three months, crippling the economy and resulting in food shortages.
The Guinea worm disease plagued as many as 3.5 million people in 1986; today the same disease affects only 150. This once prevalent disease is now controlled—not by medication—but …

The BYU museum reminds the entire BYU community of the history and significance of Church education.
[21 Feb 2014 | ]
Education in Zion Exhibit: Reflection and Insights for All Disciplines

Highlighting the history of education in the LDS Church, Brigham Young University’s Education in Zion gallery offers insights and inspiration to a broad university audience. Those from all disciplines who are grateful for their education and concerned for the education of others can have positive, transforming experiences exploring the gallery.
The Education in Zion exhibit offers students, faculty, and staff a greater understanding of the importance of education. “Many who visit …

Buffy Bernhardt spoke to the BYU community on the healing power of spiritual therapy.
[20 Feb 2014 | 6 Comments ]
Psychotherapist Describes Need For Spirituality In Human Wellness

Buffy Bernhardt, a licensed master social worker, shared ideas and experiences on spirituality in psychotherapy in a discussion sponsored by the BYU Consortium for Spiritually Centered Psychology and Education in the McKay School of Education. Bernhardt’s message focused on the peace, joy, and empowerment found through uniting oneself spiritually with a greater force or power. “The journey of this life is one of a spiritual being having a human experience,” …

Insight from January’s Power of Teaching
[19 Feb 2014 | ]
Celebrating Teachers’ Moments that Matter Most

“I teach, what’s your super power?” teased Janet Losser, the teacher education professor who spoke at January’s Power of Teaching lecture. Losser celebrated the positive impact teaching can have on students’ and teachers’ lives, describing some of the moments that have mattered most to her in her classrooms. At this first Power of Teaching lecture of the semester, students were intrigued and inspired by Losser’s encouraging words.
Losser explained that at …