Student Spotlights

An Academic Journey

Patrick Fossat has attended several universities and gained valuable insight from his experiences.

The move from southern Utah to Utah Valley was meant to be temporary, but 12 years later, Patrick Fossat still hasn’t left.

A Life of Change

Jim Groethe has lived a life of change, both in his own life and in students’ lives through education.

After spending ten years pursuing a career in finance, Jim Groethe decided to completely change career paths. With the constant encouragement and support of…

Revamping Education

Sheryl Ellsworth spent five years in Washington, DC, working at Stanton Elementary School, one of DC’s turnaround schools, and continues to revamp education in Utah.

With 212 suspensions in one school year and students preforming at only eight percent proficiency on district standardized tests, being a teacher at Stanton…

Grit and Determination to Continue Learning—Darlene James ('03)

Darlene James received the James Madison Fellowship to broaden her knowledge and understanding of the United States government

A James Madison Fellowship, awarded by the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation, is enabling Darlene James to earn her second master’s degree. After…

Faculty Spotlights

Impact on the Future

Joe Jensen’s hard work in education has helped him be a positive influence in many students’ lives.

When Joe Jensen was growing up, he had dreams of becoming a mountain man like Jim Bridger. While Jensen might not have transformed the land like Jim Bridger…

Alumni Spotlights

Helping Students Grow and Develop—Brent Wilson (’76, ’82)

Professor Wilson has dedicated his career to supporting students and designing resources for learning.

“I love helping students grow and develop, whether in classes, as an advisor, or behind the scenes developing curriculum or running a program,” said McKay…

Evolution of Technology and Education—Yvonne Lloyd Etherington ('72)

Yvonne Lloyd Etherington advocates for technology in the classroom

Yvonne Lloyd Etherington has seen the development of technology in the classroom since her graduation from BYU in 1972. She advocates for the use of technology…

Serving Through Education—W. Dale Heyland ('87)

W. Dale Heyland, EdD, has used his BYU education to serve his community.

After graduating with his doctorate, W. dale Heyland, EdD, shares what inspired him to begin his life of service in the educational community.

Psychology and Addiction—Patricia Henrie-Barrus ('77, '98)

How one person with a voice can make a difference