Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the McKay School?

The David O. McKay School of Education is located on the Brigham Young University campus in Provo Utah in the McKay Building, located near the center of campus.

What programs are offered?

The McKay School of Education offers degrees in:

For information on specific degrees, click here.

What career choices do I have?

Degrees from the various departments in the McKay School prepare students for careers including preschool, elementary, or secondary teaching; speech/language pathology; special education; school counseling; educational technology and curriculum design; school or district administration; and educational measurement and evaluation.

Earning a teaching certificate allows you to be employed in an instructional capacity by public elementary or secondary schools. Your specific employer may require additional training.

What options are available for student teaching?

Options for student teaching include:
- traditional one-semester student teaching,
- a year-long internship as a classroom teacher at one-half of the normal teacher’s salary, and
- out-of-area student teaching in an urban or foreign setting.

For more details, please visit Education Advisement Center in MCKB 350 or go to their page and click on the Student Teaching/Internship tab.

How long does it take to complete a degree?

An undergraduate teaching degree requires four or five years, with two to three years more if you plan a graduate degree as well. The necessary time might vary according to the program you select.

Credit hours requirements and other information are available at this catalog website .

What financial aid is available?

Full-time undergraduate students are eligible to apply for David O. McKay School of Education private scholarships and for TH Bell Teacher Incentive Loans. More than half of McKay School students receive financial aid of some kind. For applications and details, please visit Education Advisement Center in MCKB 120 or go to their page and click on the Financial Aid tab.

How do I prepare to teach secondary subjects?

The McKay School of Education is part of the BYU Educator Preparation Program (EPP), which includes eight colleges at BYU that participate in preparing secondary teaching majors or minors for careers teaching music, English, drama, math, biology, Spanish, or other specific content areas. The EPP is supported by five school districts that participate in the BYU–Public School Partnership. To learn more please visit this website.

Who do I talk to about additional questions?

For more information on the McKay School, please contact the Education Advisement Center, located on the third floor of the David O. McKay Building in suite 350. You may also visit the advisement webpage at here.