Financial Aid

The EdLF Department has very limited financial aid for its students. Students interested in obtaining financial aid should submit the Educational Leadership Application for Financial Aid by July 15. Students may submit their application any time prior to the deadline; however, the School Leadership Program Committee reviews applications and allocates the financial aid in October to help support tuition for the following winter semester.

Virtual Tympanometer

The Virtual Tympanometer is a product which will allow students to work with different tympanometric functions without having to actually having the instruments or patients to work with.

Product Coordinator: Lisa Kosanovich

Team: Professors David McPherson and Richard Harris
Rob Allen: Senior Production Designer
Greg Bodily: Senior Programming Developer

Contact: Lisa Kosanovich: (801) 422-7686

School Leadership Frequently Asked Questions

How many years of teaching experience do I need to apply to the School Leadership Program?

You need to have three years of teaching experience with a current level 2 license in Utah (or its equivalent).

How long are my GRE, MAT, LSAT, or GMAT scores valid?

Your test scores are valid for five years. If you need additional copies of them, contact the test provider or ETS.

Do I need to take all four tests?

No, only one is required.