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Professional Development Coordinating Council

The Professional Development Coordinating Council is composed of representatives from each of the BYU–Public School Partnership districts, the David O. McKay School of Education, and CITES. Functioning under the direction of the Partnership Governing Board, this committee works with professional development in the partnership districts and teacher preparation at Brigham Young University, with the goal of promoting simultaneous renewal. PDCC activities are of the sort that can be accomplished more effectively by the partnership than by one member alone.

Initiatives & Programs

CITES works collaboratively with school districts in the BYU-Public School Partnership and the university to respond to identified needs associated with building professional capacity, supporting students in educational endeavors, and supporting scholarly and action research. Simultaneous renewal, which is grounded in a positive approach to continuous improvement, serves as the underlying commitment of CITES. Initiatives and programs are based on need and, as a result, there is widespread support within the partnership.

Leaders Associates

Purpose & Participants

The purpose of Leaders Associates is to encourage dialogue among leaders of the five BYU––Public School Partnership districts and administrators at BYU, including the McKay School of Education and the departments and colleges of arts and sciences.

STEM Endorsement


The elementary STEM endorsement is available to K–6 teachers who want to increase their content knowledge in science, math and engineering and gain skill and practice in integrating science, math, engineering and technology content and pedagogy. The goal is to help Utah elementary students become more proficient in their understanding and application of science, math and engineering concepts.

State Reading Endorsement


The Utah Reading Endorsement Program offers teacher candidates and practicing teachers in both elementary and secondary education the opportunity to certify as reading specialists. The purpose of this program is to strengthen reading achievement of Utah's school children by providing their teachers with additional skills and knowledge for augmenting classroom reading instruction.

Basic Reading Endorsement