BS Program: Prerequisites

BS Special Education: Prerequisites

The following courses must be completed prior to beginning the Special Education program:

  1. CPSE 403* (can be taken as early as freshman year)
  2. CPSE 425**
  3. MthED 305
  4. PETE 461** (for Severe Disabilities emphasis only)

Applicants are also required to complete 20 hours of volunteer work: 10 hours each in a mild/moderate and a severe disabilities setting.



Competitive applicants will display evidence of a strong desire for a career in educational research, measurement, evaluation, or policy analysis. This could be demonstrated by successful completion of previous coursework in research methods, statistics, and other related courses. Applicants are required to have completed a master's degree prior to enrolling in this program. Preference will be given to PhD applicants who have work experience in schools or other educational settings.



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BS Special Education: Frequently Asked Questions, Current Students

Which classes should I register for?

Refer to Program Requirements on our homepage.

Which section am I supposed to take?

Courses offering multiple sections will usually be listed as either "mild/moderate only" or "severe only." Select the section for your program emphasis. If those options are not stated, then you may register for either section of the course.