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SEEL Spotlight

Welcome to SEEL! Our website aims to support educators and parents in teaching early literacy skills to young children. This website provides free early literacy lesson plans based on research done by faculty and students of Brigham Young University since 1998. These free printable resources are designed to help pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade students learn to read. If you are new to our website, please take note of the “Quick Links” on the right-hand side of the page, explained below:

  • Lesson Plan Library. Access our database of free, printable SEEL lesson plans and resources for teaching early literacy skills.
  • Scope and Sequence. Explore our developmentally-progressive guide, designed to use SEEL throughout the school year curriculum.
  • SEEL Implementation. Use this training directory to become familiar with SEEL and understand how you can implement SEEL principles and teaching techniques in your own classroom or home.
  • About SEEL. Learn about SEEL’s five research-based principles, and how SEEL is different from other early literacy approaches.
  • Video Library. Watch free, printable SEEL lesson plans in action, conducted in classrooms and homes by talented teachers and parents.

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Teaching kids how to read.

The Hideout app uses the SEEL principles to teach kids how to read through a series of fun activities that emphasize letter-sound association and word repetition. More literacy targets are consistently being released soon to come in the next version of the app!

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McKay Today

The McKay Today magazine featured SEEL in its Fall 2011 issue. Click here to read the article (see pp. 2-7).

Creative Commons License SEEL aligns with the U.S. Common Core State Standards. SEEL is evidence-based. SEEL activity plans and associated resources are offered under a Creative Commons License.