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Winter 2013

Section 004: 160 MCKB on T Th from 4:00 pm - 5:50 pm

Name: Katie Steed

Office Phone: 801-422-1408

Office Location: 237 C MCKB

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Course Information


This course prepares future elementary classroom teachers to understand how students with exceptionalities learn, and how to use basic strategies to meet their educational needs.




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Edition 2

ISBN: 9781133290780

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What Every Teacher Should Know About: Adaptations and Accommodations for Students with Mild to Moderate Disabilities Required

by Carter, Nari J.

Pearson;Edition 1

ISBN: 9780205608362

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Education CourseMate with eBook Printed Access Card for Teaching in Today's Inclusive Classrooms: A Universal Design for Learning Approach Required

by Gargiulo, Richard M.

Wadsworth Publishing;Edition 2

ISBN: 9781133525257

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Grading Policy

Assignments are to be handed at the beginning of class on the due date designated by the instructor.  (This applies in the case of absences, also.) Assignments will be lowered 10% for each day late.  No assignments will be accepted after the last day of class.

Participation Policy

We hope that all students enrolled in this course will achieve desired results. Students who have been successful in this course attend class, read the lessons, and complete assignments on time.


Completing work on time is especially important.  Typically, this is a busy semester for students.  If you get behind early in the semester, it becomes increasingly difficult to catch up.  Turn in work on time.


Students who contact me when they encounter problems completing assignments or attending class, work with me to resolve problems.  We are willing to work with students who proactively manage their learning experience. 


Attendance Policy

Students are expected to attend every class period, stay the full duration and be on time.

Concurrent Field Experience

Work a minimum of 10 hours with a student with disabilities, or a student

who is at risk of school failure. Teacher candidates will submit case study assignments regarding this volunteer work.

Assignment Descriptions: See syllabus on Learning Suite for details




Read This Chapter

Complete Online Before Class

Out-Of-Class Assignments Due

In-Class Assignment/Activity

T - Jan 08

Special Ed Foundation: Teaching in Today's Classrooms

Introduction to Course

Chapter 1

Misunderstood Minds

Cognitive Characteristics


Th - Jan 10

Special Ed Foundation: Teaching in Today's Classrooms

Universal Design for Learning Unit Plan

Introduction to Coursemate

Chapter 2

Interactive Quiz  1 and

Making Connections Quiz – Q 1 OR 2

Watch 1 video (p. 19)* & write questions

Interactive Quiz 2 and

Making Connections – Q 1 OR 6

T - Jan 15

Referral to Special Education

IEPs and 504 Plans

Chapter 3

Interactive Quiz  3 and

Making Connections – Q 5 OR 6

Watch 2 videos (p. 81 & 87)* & write questions

Disability Awareness

Introduction to RTI

Th - Jan 17

Learners with High and Low Incidence Disabilities Presentations

Chapter 4 & 5

Interactive Quiz 4 and

Making Connections -  Q 1 OR 2

Watch 3 Videos (p. 113, 123, 130)* & write questions

M - Jan 21

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

T - Jan 22

Learners with High and Low Incidence Disabilities


Chapters 4 & 5

Watch 1 Video (p. 150)* & write questions

Interactive Quiz 6 and

Making Connections – Q 1 OR 2 OR 3

Interactive Quiz 5 and

Making Connections – Q 1 OR 2

F. A. T. City

Learning Disability Checklist

Th - Jan 24


Chapter 7

Watch 2 Videos (p. 164 & 169)* & write questions

IRIS Related Services Module

Interactive Quiz 7

Making Connections - Q3

Complete IRIS Module Assessment Questions.  Submit through Learning Suite. 

No Class

T - Jan 29

Designing Learning

Chapter 8

Interactive Quiz 8 and

Making Connections – Q 2 or 5

(1) Shape the Critical Questions.  (2) Map the Critical Content (3) Complete Unit Organizer


Unit Plan and Case Study

Th - Jan 31

Other Diverse Populations

Chapter 6 & 9

What Every Good Teacher Should Know (WETSKA)  Part III

Interactive Quiz 9 and

Making Connections – Q 3 OR 6

Turn in Unit Organizer for formative feedback.

T - Feb 05

Instructional Strategies

Chapter 10

Watch 1 video (p. 276) & write questions

Interactive Quiz 10 and

Making Connections – Q 4OR 5

Continue to develop Case Study and Unit Plan. 

Begin to develop Tier 2 Intervention Plan

Th - Feb 07

Specific Learning Accommodations

WETSKA Part I, pg. 1-25

Complete case study, first draft of unit plan, and tier 2 intervention plan and email to instructor or put in instructor's box (340 MCKB) to receive formative feedback.

T - Feb 12

Social/Behavioral Strategies

Deaf Education-Trish Hill

Chapter 11

Interactive Quiz 11 and

Making Connections – Q 1 OR 2 OR 3

Accommodation Plan

Th - Feb 14

Social/Behavioral Accommodations-IRIS Module

Assessment-IRIS Module

WETSKA Part I, pg. 25-40

IRIS Behavior Module - SOS: Helping Students Become Independent Learners


Complete IRIS Module Assessment Questions.  Submit through Learning Suite. 

No Class

T - Feb 19

Monday Instruction

Th - Feb 21

Gospel Perspecitve on Disabilities

Social/Behavioral Accommodations

WETSKA Part I, pg. 25-40

Tier 2 Intervention Plan

Case Study and Unit Plan

Field Experience Notebook containing the following 4 components: Reflection Log, 10 Praise Notes, Visit to Resource Room Write-up, and Practicum Written Report.

Accommodation Plan

T - Feb 26




Written Report for Final Project

Present Final Project.