Classroom Snapshots

Take A Look At My Classroom

Mrs. Vicki Cornish graduated from the McKay School with her degree in Elementary Education in 2002. Teaching at Westside Elementary in Springville, Utah her classroom is brimming with activity and educational enthusiasm.


(Left) Instead of keeping materials inside the desks where items are often lost, the students keep their supplies in easy-to-access organizers that hang on the back of their chairs.


When creating a classroom environment, the design either works for or against you. The challenge is to create an environment that encourages success. Director of the BYU Child and Family Studies Laboratory, Anne Ure, promotes the practice of setting up an interactive and organized environment that allows children to act for themselves.

8 Great Ideas For Your Classroom

Mrs. Moser has spent 20 years in the Provo district, and the last six have been teaching first grade at Lakeview Elementary in Vineyard, Utah.

“It was always my intention to teach,” Mrs. Moser said. “I even used to play teacher growing up. We had a desk and blackboard, and I’d teach my cousins when we were all together. I was only nine years old at the time. I just love to see the excitement of learning and the growth in students. It keeps me young.”