Application Deadlines*

Student Teaching


Fall Semester                                     
Available: December 6, 2020
Due: January 22, 2021
Fall/Winter School Year                           
Available: December 6, 2020
Due: January 22, 2021
Winter Semester
Available: August 1st
Due: September 15 
(No special education apps)
Spring/Summer Terms                               
Available: December 6
Due: January 22, 2021
(Minors Only)


Who should complete this application?

All students who need to enroll in student teaching (including students going to China, Houston,TX, or Washington, D.C.) and students wishing to enroll in an internship.

Application Instructions

The application is available in the Educator system. Students who applied to their education program in mYlink will now continue their progress in the Educator system. 

Once in the Educator System, click on the Pre-Clinical menu.

In the Pre-Clinical menu, scroll to the bottom of the page to complete the checklist items for the final clinical experience. 

Once completed with the checklist items, make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor for review. The program coordinator will make the final approval of the application


Application Links

 Access the Educator system at the following link:


List of secondary education university supervisors

List of elementary/ECE  university liaisons

Page updated 9/2/2020

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