Teaching Majors/Minors


Office Location

Office Phone #





Brandan Beerli

Tara Goulding

350 MCKB (801) 422-3426

Engineering & Technology

Tech & Engineering Ed
Rachel Terry
250 SNLB
(801) 422-1818

Family, Home, & Social Sciences

Family & Consumer Sciences Ed
History Teaching,
Social Science Teaching,
Geography Teaching (minor)
History Teaching (minor)
Jay Oliver
1041 JFSB
(801) 422-3541



Fine Arts & Communications

Art Ed K–12,
Theatre Arts Ed,
Art Education (minor)
Julee Braithwaite
D-444 HFAC
(801) 422-3777
  Music Ed K–12 (Choral & Instrumental), Music Ed: Elementary Ed Music Specialist Dance Education K–12

Randa Alvord

Emily Emerick

D-444 HFAC

(801) 422-3777



English Teaching,
French Teaching,
German Teaching,
Latin Teaching,
Spanish Teaching,
Chinese Teaching (minor),
Dual-Language Immersion (minor)
English Teaching (minor),
French Teaching (minor),
German Teaching (minor),
Japanese Teaching (minor),
Latin Teaching (minor),
Portuguese Teaching (minor),
Russian Teaching (minor),
Spanish Teaching (minor)
Jay Oliver
1041 JFSB
(801) 422-3541



Life Sciences

Biological Science Ed

School Health Ed (Minor)

Lisa Buzan 2060 LSB (801) 422-3042

Physical & Mathematical Sciences

Chemistry Ed,
Earth/Space Science Ed, Math Ed,
Teaching Physical Science, and Physics Teaching

Shane Jorgenson

N-181 ESC
(801) 422-6270

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