Financial Aid and Scholarships



  • Scholarships are offered to full-time undergraduate students (part-time undergraduates not eligible)
  • To be eligible, undergraduate students must be admitted to a McKay School program or majoring in a teacher education program
  • Pre-majors are ineligible unless accepted into a teaching program by fall semester
  • Scholarships are needs based, academic, or private
  • Since MSE scholarships pay tuition, students receiving full tuition scholarships from other sources are discouraged from applying for an MSE scholarship

Specific Qualifications

  • Recipients must be enrolled in 12 or more credit hours
  • Be in good standing academically
  • Be free of any holds on student account
  • Maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA

Education Advisement Center Scholarship Application Deadline    

  • Opens November 1st
  • Deadline for applications is February 1st
  • Students who wish to be considered for need-based scholarships must have a FAFSA submitted by January 20th
  • Scholarships are awarded for fall/winter only
  • Please contact the Education Advisement Center if you have any problems with the application, 801-422-3426 or

Other Resources

BYU's National Scholarships, Fellowships, and Programs (NSFP) Office

Donate to McKay School Scholarship Fund 


Although the Education Advisement Center makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information found on this website, we reserve the right to make changes at any time. Students should regularly consult with their department, college advisement center, the university catalog, and the Education Advisement Center for updates and changes.