Learning about the World

"My favorite teacher was Jim Holcomb, my history teacher in high school, because he taught me about the world via current events. He encouraged (and graded) us on reading the newspaper and then presenting and discussing the events. He helped us to understand how these events tied into history, culture, and government. He taught me not only that dates and places are important but also why and how those events shape the world and events today." Kirstin Ballentine Fellars

He Taught Us to See

"I have been a high school photography teacher for 34 years all because of my high school photography teacher, Mr. H. Warren King. He encouraged me to become a teacher and got me my first teaching job. I received a talent scholarship from BYU because of the portfolio I developed in high school. National Scholastic later acknowledged Mr. King as the best photo teacher in the nation. He taught us to see, not just visually, but with our hearts." Jo Leigh Porter

Hooked on Geology

"My favorite teacher was my ninth-grade earth science teacher, Mr. Glenn Jackson, in Springfield, VA. I had already fallen in love with the mountains from camping with the Boy Scouts. So when Mr. Jackson taught me how the mountains got there and what types of rocks I was walking on, I was hooked on geology." Read more from Marc J. Ellison

She Engaged Me

"My favorite teacher was Mrs. Maureen Miller, eleventh-grade English. She was fabulous at teaching curriculum, but much more than that, she truly cared. She'd ask about social situations. When I had a few tardies (because I was so social), she let me come in after school and clean her classroom windows to make them up. I loved The Scarlet Letter and A Tale of Two Cities because of the way she engaged me in reading and learning!" Keri Glazier

I Still Remember the Lessons

"My favorite teacher was Kristee Roach. She and her sweet husband, Richard, now serve in the presidency of the Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT. She taught me high school debate during her first year as a teacher (I've since become a lawyer and work at BYU's law school). I think that the things that made her a great teacher were her kindness, enthusiasm, optimism, and valuable instruction. I can still remember some of the specific lessons she taught." Steve Averett

Hitting a Brick Wall

"My favorite teacher was Eric Drum. He was my high school calculus teacher. He taught with so much enthusiasm that you had to love calculus because he loved it so much. He taught me that if you hit a brick wall, you just have to bust through it. If something seems like a dead end, just try something and keep trying." Lisa Teixeira

Mentored by My Coach

"My favorite teacher was Jack Branin from West Jordan High School. He taught history and was a football coach. He was my favorite teacher because he took a personal interest in me. I wanted badly to play football for BYU. So one fall day, he took me to BYU and introduced me to the recruiting coach and Tom Ramage. I was a small player, but it got me excited. He helped me with some workouts, and I was able to walk on after my mission and be a part of the team for a couple years. This led me to coach and be involved with youth athletics for 25 years." Read more from Troy Donald McDougal

Discussing Politics

"I feel I was blessed to have many good teachers. However, in Spanish Fork High School, my history and social studies teacher, Blaine Hansen, stands out. Mr. Hansen would always begin the class with a current-events discussion. It seemed I was the only democrat in my classes, and I would spend hours anticipating the events that would be important to him. I knew he would give a conservative view of what happened; however, I now feel he relied on me to provide balance to events and he certainly inspired me to look beyond the headlines of what was happening in the world." Val D. Rust

Always Reading

"My favorite teacher was my student-teaching instructor my senior year in 1972. She told how she loved to read children’s literature and always had a book on her bedside to read every night. She was careful with her students and prepared us well for our duties. We were organized with rides to our various schools. Her attitude affirmed our choice to be teachers." Mary Ann Brenneman