"My favorite teacher was my 9th grade Earth Science Teacher, Mr. Glenn Jackson, in Springfield, VA. I had already fallen in love with the mountains from camping with the Boy Scouts. So when Mr. Jackson taught me how the mountains got there and what types of rocks I was walking on I was hooked on geology.

He administered a rock and mineral identification test and I received the highest score out of all his classes. So I started my own rock and mineral collection, join the Northern Virginia Rock and Mineral Club. After joining the rock hounding club at age seventeen I had the rear opportunity to volunteer at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. We worked behind the scenes with the museum curator, Tim Rose. We worked on different displays at the Smithsonian. I had the experience of seeing them cut a huge meteorite in half to be divided up and given to different museums. After we were finished working on the museums projects, Tim let us use the equipment to cut and polish our own rocks and mineral l that we brought from home. I went on to graduated from BYU’s geology department with a degree in Earth and Space Science Education and taught middle school for seven years—all this because my teacher shared his love for rocks and minerals with me. Now I give tours at Timpanogos Cave National Monument and share my love for the earth and geology with all those that visit the caves."

Marc J. Ellison