Clear, Comfortable, and Concerned

"My favorite teacher was Roland Butler, who taught junior high math. I have to admit when I first went into his class, he scared me. He seemed to have a no nonsense attitude about him, and I thought for sure any student who did not meet his expectations would never hear the end of it." Read more from Deon Leavy

50 Years Later I Still Remember Him

"My favorite teacher was my seventh grade teacher, Mr. Raymond Spillars, in Dawson Creek, BC, exactly 50 years ago. I remember his name and his face clearly even though it has been 50 years since I sat in his classroom. I remember him because he always wore a suit, was very kind, well-mannered, and treated everyone with respect. He taught me cursive handwriting and penmanship and emphasized its importance. He made me feel like I was appreciated, acknowledged, and important to him. His gift to me was my love of language, my handwriting, and the ability to love and respect my students. Thank you Mr. Spillars." Ron Patrick

They Pushed Us

"My favorite junior high teacher was my seventh and eighth grade science teacher, Mr. Robert Crosland of Preston Jr. High in Preston, ID. My favorite high school teacher was Mr. Daniel Baird of Preston High, in Preston, ID. My favorite teachers have always taught me be my best, to push myself instead of just floating." Read more from Marissa Palmer