Things Have a Name

"My favorite teacher taught me that every 'thing' has a name. We were told to learn names and we wouldn’t have to substitute for it with the term 'thing.' This created in me a quest to do just that. It has enhanced a lifetime of learning the names and titles of “things” to almost eliminate that word from my vocabulary. It has strengthened my vocabulary and, I suspect, my conversational clarity." Loraine Adams

More Than One Favorite

"I can honestly say that I had more than one favorite teacher. I was blessed growing up to have marvelous teachers each year. It would be hard to me to pick just one due to the fact that I learned so much with each one. I guess you could say I was a teacher’s pet. I got to know my teachers and loved each of them. I hope that every student could have as great an experience as I did growing up." Anna Herring

Preserving My Voice

"Kristine Hansen, my writing teacher, did several things to teach me the art of writing: First, she enjoyed my stories even if they were poorly written. Second, her suggestions (and I felt like they were truly only suggestions) were aimed at preserving my 'voice' instead of replacing mine with hers. Third, I finally learned some basic grammar!" Read more from Christy Haggard

He Cultivated Critical Thinking

"My favorite teacher was Paul Kerry because he cultivated critical thinking. I had him for both the History of Western Warfare and Jews and the Holocaust. I was challenged, supported, and invited to think for myself." Josh Baker

Dig In!

"My favorite teacher, Mrs. Beverly Smith, taught me that it was okay to get my hands dirty, 'because they will wash.' I think of it often and am always willing to dig in and do the dirty work." Elle Decker

Dialogue Journal

"My favorite teacher growing up was Ms. Rachel Waite. She was always so excited to learn more about my interests and me. For example, I remember doing a dialogue journal where she would write to me just so she could learn ab’out who I was as an individual. As a result of her kindness I try to do the same with my students so that they understand how much I care for them and want to see them succeed." Kala Lee

Passionate About His Subject

My favorite teacher was Cliff Mayes because he was engaging as an instructor and passionate about his subject. Dr. Mayes taught me to have an open mind concerning differing view points but more importantly he taught me to care about each individual student as I continue my teaching career. Scott A. Walker

He Prepared Us for the Real Experience

J. Merrell Hansen was a favorite teacher of mine. He understood the K-12 classroom and prepared pre-service teachers for the real experience. Joan Cartmill

Finding Confidence

My favorite teacher was (and still is!) Sister Losser because she's hilarious and helped me find my confidence in being a teacher. Elizabeth Thaden

Everyone Has Potential

"My favorite teacher was Tina Dyches because she was able to show through her actions how much she truly loved individuals with disabilities. My teacher taught me to see that everyone on this earth has potential and it is our privilege as educators to help him/her find it." Katie Steed

I Felt Her Belief in Me

"My favorite teacher was Susie Mendenhall (now Emond) because I felt her belief in me in every lesson and instruction she gave me. She taught me, beyond standard curriculum in extraordinary ways, to take responsibility; what a good person I was and would continue to be if I continued taking responsibility for my own life and for helping others. She changed my life and my life course." Lori Cooper Potter