Kristine Hansen, my writing teacher, did several things to teach me the art of writing: First, she enjoyed my stories even if they were poorly written. Second, her suggestions (and I felt like they were truly only suggestions) were aimed at preserving my “voice” instead of replacing mine with hers. Third, I finally learned some basic grammar!

She did it through humorous mistakes of others. I think English majors frequently find funny grammar errors, and sometimes they even share them; but unless you know the rules you don’t understand the humor. Well, she shared the humor! She had a stack of articles with funny grammar errors and taught us from those examples.

My favorite teacher has been my dad. Professionally he’s an accountant. He’s a wonderful father who is a fantastic teacher in that he’s mentored me much longer, in more depth, and about more important topics than most of my other teachers have. He’s taught me about the Gospel, about hard work and life-long learning, about provident living, and about developing Christ-like attributes through his own experiences in becoming a disciple of the Lord. He continues to teach me by spending time talking with me. He lives two thousand miles away but continues to be one of my favorite, most trusted, and valued teachers.

Christy Haggard