Mother, Friend, and Teacher

"My favorite teacher was my mother. She was an extraordinary teacher who spent most of her career running a preschool from home so she could be with us kids. She also taught several elementary grades. When she got older, she taught resource at a junior high school until she retired. Her specialty was reading, and she taught many three-year-old children how to read. She was unusual in that she knew how to be a friend to her students while remaining in charge as a teacher. Her students loved her because they knew she cared about them individually. In spite of her advanced years and health concerns, she continues to teach me many things." Julie Larsen

Mom and Teacher

"My mom (Annette Hunter, BYU class of 1964) started teaching at my elementary school when I was in fourth grade. I was assigned to her class. When I moved to fifth grade, she did too, and I was in her class again. Then we both moved to sixth grade. I don't think many kids who go to public elementary school can claim that they were in their mom's class for three years in a row. It was a neat experience. I loved being in her class." April Fitzgerald

A Great Day

"I have two favorite teachers. The first one is my dad, who is not a teacher by trade but would help me with my math homework at night and often mentioned how fun math was, that it was just like a game or a puzzle. The second was a math teacher at Eastern Arizona College. He had been teaching for many years and was soon to retire but still every day he would walk into class after we freshmen were all seated and say, 'Isn't it a great day?' We would pretend to groan and he would teach us math. Later, when I was ready to choose a major at BYU, I decided on math, because these two great men had helped me see that math was fun, and that any day I could be learning it was a great day." Lynda Unsicker