Work Hard and Remember

"I had wonderful teachers at BYU in the late 1950s, but the one who I remember best is the one who remembered me—Robert K. Thomas. I learned from him that if you love your students and treat them with dignity and respect, they’d work harder to learn from you and remember your lessons longer. As I applied this concept, my teaching career blossomed into 45 years of rich and rewarding experiences and relationships." George J. Downing

Chemistry One-On-One

"I graduated in December of 1982. My most memorable teacher at BYU was Dr. Paul. He taught chemistry. I was petrified to even take chemistry as a freshman, because I had never taken it in high school. After the first day, I was in tears. I didn't understand a word he said during that first day. I went up to him after class and told him that I had to pass this class to graduate in family and consumer science. He told me to come in every day after class and he would give me one-on-one instruction. I followed his advice, and I was in his office every day after class. He was always so kind to me. I ended up with a B grade and so thrilled that I passed. He was a great teacher!!! Thanks Dr. Paul!" Diane Thurman

A Teacher for Life

"My favorite teacher was Gary Smith in the Business Department. Dr. Smith spent time getting to know his students personally, giving sage advice on life situations, and keeping in touch over the years. He was tough on deadlines, was always professional, and added a human side to coursework and employer expectations. He inspired me to become a teacher, was a model example, and made learning fun." Candyce Miller


"I am sure many others would agree with my choice of Truman Madsen. Inspired by an [earlier] class [I had taken] from him, I chose as my major for my MA the history and philosophy of religion, with my thesis comparing Alan Watts and Paul Tillich. He was very supportive and we had many discussions about many related subjects." Gerald E. Jones

Keep Your Bucket Full

"My favorite teacher was Dr. Leona Holbrook. Teaching for over 50 years, I have used many of Dr. Holbrook's teaching methods. One that I have used over and over again was so simple but meant so much. Dr. Holbrook walked into the classroom one day after a few months of lectures. She carried an empty paint bucket and asked each of us in the class to fill that bucket with what we had learned over the past few months. One of her favorite sayings was 'Keep your bucket full'. I will always be grateful for those few words of wisdom." Don Bushore

Faith and Confidence

"[While I was] pursuing a sixth year administrative degree at the McKay School of Education, Dr. Percy Burrup asked me what I was doing at the school. Telling him I was seeking the sixth year certificate he asked why I was doing that? Being puzzled, I explained what my goal was and he replied, 'Why aren't you getting a doctorate?' I told him, 'I don't have the time, money, or the ability.' He showed more faith in me than I did in myself, and told me I could do it. After consulting with my wife we decided to set the degree as the goal we wanted. With my wife working and the McKay School of Education providing financial assistance, I achieved the goal. I'll be forever grateful for his faith and confidence." Bert W. Nixon

He Taught Me to Study and Understand

"Hands down, Randy Bott was my favorite teacher. He loved his students, he didn't water down the gospel, and he taught me to study and understand the scriptures. I wish I had videotaped every class from him so I could have it with me forever." Steve Hulme

Gaining an Appreciation of Genetics

"Last year I needed to take a required science class. Reluctantly I signed up for genetics. What a marvelous experience that was with Dr. Hess. If I had taken that my freshman year I would have decided genetics was my favorite subject. I can't begin to enumerate the times I have referred to the laws of probability and how genes transfer from parents to children in taste, mannerisms, physical attributes, etc. Thank you Dr. Hess; you are one marvelous and inspirational teacher." Ole D. Dunn

Pay Attention

"My parents are among my favorite teachers because of their examples and patience. At BYU, my geology teacher is one I really remember. He walked into his class the first day and slammed the door and told the class to get rid of any gum they were chewing and asked everyone to put their newspapers away and pay attention. He got us involved in his class right off and kept us involved the entire class and throughout that semester or block. Our geology class was right after the morning devotional on Tuesday and Thursday so he would often give us a pop quiz, not only on what we had been assigned to read and be prepared to discuss for the class that day, but he would add a question or two of what had been discussed at BYU devotional. His classes were not only very educational, but spiritually uplifting as well." Louise Newton

Great Books for Children

"My favorite teacher was Professor Jacobs. He taught my children's literature class sometime between 1991 and 1993. He carried into class piles and piles of picture and chapter books and opened my eyes to the qualities that make great books for children. Also, sometime during my time in his class, he opened my eyes to an experience that I would eventually take advantage of. He mentioned his experience teaching for the Department of Defense in Germany. After gaining the three years of teaching experience, I applied for the DoDDs schools and spent two incredible years teaching students on a Navy Base in Japan and traveling to exciting places on a teacher's income! I would never have known to try for that without Dr. Jacobs!" Deborah Moffitt-Torrens

Love and Share the Love

"My favorite teacher at BYU was Gus Clark in elementary education. He taught me how to love children's literature and how to share that love with my students." Dave Spence

I Was Moved

"My favorite teacher was Cliff Mayes because he taught in a way that moved me to my core and influenced my life for the better." Justin Reeves

Patient and Caring

"My favorite teacher was Brother Brown, who taught classes on using media in education. He was great to model how to do things. He was patient and caring. He later became my boss while I worked at the media center in the McKay building. He was a kind boss and father figure as I was far from home. This student job helped me stay at BYU after my money ran low. Of course my tenure at BYU was years ago: 1971–1973. After 22 years in public schools, I am now a professor of early literacy in the teacher education program at USU. I try to be supportive to my future teachers the way Brother Brown was for us. Good teachers are so important to our future as a nation." Laura Foley

Finding Confidence

"My favorite teacher was (and still is!) Sister Losser because she's hilarious and helped me find my confidence in being a teacher." Elizabeth Thaden

Care for the Individual

"My favorite teacher at BYU was Damon Bahr. He taught me how much magic you can work with your students and with people in general by really showing that you care about them individually. He was one of the only BYU professors who actually demonstrated that, and it left a huge impression on me." Ashley Baadsgaard

Ask Why

"My favorite teacher in the education department was Marta Adair because she was passionate about science, and she believed in my abilities and me over my GPA. She taught education classes." Anonymous

How to Teach

"My favorite teacher was Jill Shumway. She made class so much fun, interesting, and engaging. She was really helpful and always very understanding. She had high expectations for us but was realistic and valued our input. Jill taught me ways to teach young children, and it has not only helped me in the schools but also as a future mother. There was once a time where things didn't go the way they were planned (technology, or someone didn't show up . . . I don't remember) but Jill stepped in and had a backup plan and made it one of the best classes." Taryn Toolson Lewis

Specialized Degree

"Garth Cranney helped me and another girl by creating our own unique specialized Secondary Ed master’s degree. Regardless that it was only two of us, he spent multiple hours making sure that our focus on adult illiterate education in reading and writing was full-bodied and all-inclusive. He helped me every step of the way with all course selections and with making sure my thesis was top notch. His name immediately comes to mind when I think back on my experience in BYU education." Erica Cabacungan

He Inspired Me

"My favorite teacher from my BYU undergraduate program was Dr. Winn Egan. He inspired me. He made me feel like he cared about me as an individual as well as one of his students. He was always prepared and came ready to teach. He had high expectations for us, yet realized his class was not the only thing in our lives. Dr. Egan seemed to keep tabs on me and what I was doing career-wise and has always been willing to take time to visit with me. I am forever grateful that I had the opportunity to take his class some 20 years ago. Dr. Egan has been a great support, mentor, and inspiration to me in my career. Thank you, Dr. Winn Egan." Mike Browning

Teaching is Fun

"My favorite teacher was Brad Wilcox. He taught me that teaching is so much fun! In my experience last year as a classroom teacher, I totally agree!" Andrea Winn


"I believe that Shannon Dulanney stands out in my mind as making a major impression on my experience in the master's program. She taught in a way that made it easy to learn in a fun and relaxed way. She expected high quality work, but we knew what the assignments were and how to do them. I never felt anxiety as I attended and worked in her class as I knew what was expected. I feel that Pam Hallam was very much the same type of teacher. They stated the expectations, it was manageable, and we learned. I learned new techniques in teaching and felt that their classes were beneficial to me." Donna Thacker

Everyone Has Potential

"My favorite teacher was Tina Dyches because she was able to show through her actions how much she truly loved individuals with disabilities. My teacher taught me to see that everyone on this earth has potential, and it is our privilege as educators to help him/her find it." Katie Steed

Nonstop Reading

"Jim Jacobs was my favorite teacher at BYU. I never read as a free-time activity when I was a kid, but since taking his children's literature class some 24 years ago, I haven't stopped." Bob Stutz

History Came Alive

"Ted Warner was my favorite (Gus Clark, too). U.S. history and California history came alive with Professor Warner's wit and knowledge. He gave motivator (aggravator) tests each week to keep us on our toes. When he didn't have his briefcase, we thought we were free from the weekly motivator test. He would pull the test sheets from his back where they were tucked under his belt. He spent his summers doing research in archives in Spain." Kit Clawson

Seeing is Believing

"It seemed to me as I was going through the education program that there should be more classes that gave me experience doing what I would be doing as a teacher. I liked when I took classes that focused on teaching us how to teach. My favorite teacher in the education program at BYU was Brad Wilcox. The class I was taking was Literature in the Elementary Classroom. I will never forget being taught a lesson about teaching literature and then walking across the street to an elementary school and watching Brad Wilcox teach what he had just explained to us. His enthusiasm with those kids and love of learning taught me more than any other class. Thanks for your good example and practical way of teaching!" Jen Perkes

Grade Yourself

"I had a self-esteem class in the mid '80s for elementary education students. The professor was a remarkable man with very little lung capacity. He taught wonderful concepts and he taught from his heart. Our final was to grade ourselves for the class. That was an amazing opportunity. It caused me to reflect upon my effort and judge myself. I would love to know what became of this dear teacher. He was truly my favorite. It was like being taught from the Savior himself. The Spirit was always so strong." Vali Brewer

Pure Joy

"I was an elementary education major with a minor in language arts. My favorite classes were in the HFAC—where the 'arts' ruled. Theater, art, and music—I loved it all. My favorite teacher was Professor Grace Nixon Stewart, who taught my storytelling night class once a week. It was three hours of pure joy! She represented 'drama' from the word go and we all loved her! Her appearance was as dramatic and over the top as she was—from her fake eyelashes, theatrical makeup, abundant jewelry, and wig collection. Her voice was low and sultry. She spoke with emphasis and perfect enunciation. I remember her telling me, 'Linda, you must talk slower and lower your voice two octaves.' I tried, really I did, but the lower octaves didn't ever seem to feel like me. To this day, at 61 years old, people still call on the phone and ask me if my daddy is home! However, thanks to Professor Stewart, I can change into my dramatic voice and tell a terrific story! I will never forget her and how she taught me to navigate life through the power and use of words." Linda S. Ottley

Still Learning

"My favorite teacher was Brad Wilcox because he cared. I could tell that he cared about me and about children because he showed his love so freely. He also shared a love for the gospel. I still learn from him as I read his books and attend firesides." Whitney Denton

The World Is Our Campus

"I had an absolutely wonderful time at BYU back in '83 and '84, and I thoroughly enjoyed ALL my teachers and various things about every class, but I guess I'd say my favorite teacher was Marie Tuttle. I loved the practice we did with penmanship and loved learning about all the pronunciations of vowel sounds. I learned there were a few more than I had heard about prior to her class. My degree in elementary education ended up taking me many more places than just elementary schools. I am currently teaching in a women's prison. The world truly IS our campus and I have been working hard to do what is inscribed at one of the entrances: 'Enter to learn; Go forth to serve.'" Linary Kingdon

Going the Extra Mile

"One of my favorite teachers was Dr. Richard Anderson who taught me Roman history. He was also my sister-in-law's boss, my cousin's bishop, and my friend. He opened his house for my brother's wedding reception." James Chantrill

Warmth and Concern

"Ralph Britsch was my favorite teacher because I felt from him a personal interest, warmth, and concern for my learning and success. He was in the English department at BYU. He helped me to feel what an effective teacher could contribute to the life of a student." I.R. Trammell