Lewis' teaching degree helps her teach in the classroom and home

Many of the students who graduate from BYU’s McKay School go on to successful classroom-teaching careers. Others use the skills and knowledge gained at the McKay School to teach in different capacities.

Although Megan Lewis may no longer teach in a traditional classroom, she remains a teacher. “I have been able to take many of the concepts and principles that I learned in the elementary education program at BYU and use them to teach my daughter every day,” Lewis said.

Lewis graduated from the McKay School in December 2008 with her bachelor’s degree in elementary education. In January 2009, she began teaching second grade in Eagle Mountain, Utah. “I was lucky to find a job halfway through the school year,” Lewis said. “It was challenging to start teaching in the middle of the school year, but I had help from my mentor and other wonderful team members. I loved teaching second grade, and I greatly miss being in the classroom with students.”

Lewis is no longer in the classroom because in August 2011, she had her first baby. However, Lewis continues to stay involved with education. “I renewed my teaching license and plan on keeping it active in case I return to teaching,” Lewis said. “I stay informed with what is happening in my local school district, and I plan on being a volunteer at the elementary school when my daughter begins kindergarten.”

Now Lewis continues to use what she learned at the McKay School, but in different ways, such as serving as her ward’s primary chorister. “One of the most important things I learned from the McKay School was classroom management, because if you can’t manage a large group of students, then you won’t be able to teach them what they need to know,” Lewis said. “My knowledge and experience with classroom management have been very useful when teaching a large primary.”

Although Lewis may not be employed as a teacher, she is grateful for what she learned at the McKay School of Education. “I have such fond memories of the McKay School classes, cohorts, and student teaching,” Lewis said. “My background in education has helped me to be a better mother and teacher, and because of my education at BYU, I have a wealth of knowledge that I hope to apply throughout my life.”

Lewis, her husband, Robert, and their 19-month-old baby girl currently live in Lehi, Utah.