How to Help Children to Remember,

By Dr. Nancy Livingston.

One of the skills parents and teachers hope children learn is how to remember what they have read or heard related to a subject.

We remember:

  • 20% of what we hear...
  • 50% of what we see and hear...
  • 70% of what we see, hear, and do...
  • 90% of what we see, hear, do, and tell ourselves or someone as we are doing.

If you hear a concept only once then:

  • 47% is forgotten in 20 minutes
  • 66% is forgotten in one day
  • 75% is forgotten in six days
  • 80% is forgotten in a month

The Law of Recency

The learner remembers best what was learned most recently.

The Law of Frequency

The learner remembers best that which was repeated most frequently.

The Law of Effect

The learner remembers best and longest that which has the most profound effect on him/her.

It should be remembered what has been said by some wise person: “A child’s attention span may only be one minute longer than their age. No matter what the activity, try to involve several of the senses, especially visual, auditory, and of course oral language.” Source unknown

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