In my final semester at Brigham Young University, I would like to take a moment to express five of my favorite things I’ve experienced while attending BYU.

First of all, Graham Canyon ice cream at the Creamery on Ninth. It is by far my favorite ice cream and one of those simple joys, which makes finals week bearable. It is a delightful mix of graham cracker ice cream, swirls of graham cracker, and small crunchy chocolate bites. Together these ingredients can bring even the most stressed student a little bit of relief.


Second, I love to visit the Museum of Art. The museum displays exquisite artwork and provides a little getaway from the normal study sessions in the Harold B. Lee Library or the computer lab of the McKay Building. Today I even discovered that it has a café on the second floor, which has some tasty treats and a beautiful view.

Third would have to be J Dawgs. This small hot dog stand has transformed into a phenomenon that has taken over the Provo area by storm, or at least that is how I feel.

Getting a Polish dog for $3 dollars with the special sauce can take one normal night of homework to a grand night of adventure! It is the perfect spot for dates or to meet up with friends that you may have missed seeing during the week.

Fourth, I love the Jamba Juice in the Wilkinson Student Services Center. It is so nice to know that even if I am in a hurry, that I will still be able to get all of my fruit and vegetable servings for the day in one delightful drink. You are always served with a smile, which makes the whole experience even more enjoyable.

Fifth and final I would like to add something that does not have to do with food. I love being able to attend student concerts put on by BYU/SA called “Acoustic Explosions”. Students audition to perform and every performance I have attended has helped me realize once again just how amazing Brigham Young University truly is. The students are all unique and talented in their own ways. I am honored to attend such a marvelous university and to experience so many diverse opportunities.

Here a just a few of the reasons why I love BYU and I hope that everyone will have an opportunity to experience these and others whether they be future BYU students, current students, or alumni.

—Anna Herring, Elementary Education Major

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