Heritage Halls has provided apartment-style on-campus housing for tens of thousands of students since 1956. Now only 14 of the original 24 Heritage Halls buildings remain. In place of the other 10, which were razed at the start of 2012, are eight identical new halls. Several of these new buildings even occupy the old site of the Deseret Towers, which were razed in 2007.

With four floors and 86,000 square feet each, these eight buildings offer students larger living spaces and more conveniences than the old halls, for both technology and socializing. For example, rooms in the new halls have more electrical outlets for the many gadgets students bring to college. "When the original halls were built, students didn't need a lot of electricity, so many rooms only had one outlet,” said Carri Jenkins, a BYU spokesperson. “But now students have laptops and iPods, so much more is needed than when the halls were built."

Each building is shaped like an L, creating large flat lawns among the buildings. Jenkins explained this was done in order to provide optimal green space, which facilitates socializing and preserves the pedestrian friendliness of the halls.

Unfortunately, maximizing this green space has resulted in less available parking. New students planning to live in Heritage Halls are advised not to bring a car. If they need their car, they should consider living in either Wyview Park or Helaman Halls.

Four of the eight new buildings have been completed and are now occupied. The remaining four are scheduled to be completed during winter semester of 2014. According to Jenkins, there are currently no plans to rebuild the remaining 14 original halls. However, she anticipates they will be rebuilt when resources are available.