A new, homey residence to accommodate for BYU visitors

Last year, BYU began a project to add a guest house on campus to give visitors a better sense of campus life and closer access to students. The 5,000-square-foot guest house was built in the open space behind the Former President’s Home on the south end of campus, just west of the McKay School.

The guest house will be used to accommodate appropriate visitors to campus and includes full amenities you might find at a hotel, but in a more intimate setting. Below, you'll find some photos of the interior of the house giving a sense of what it would be like to stay there.

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BYU Begins Construction on New Guest House

The McKay building is getting a new neighbor this winter as BYU has begun construction on a university guesthouse next door to the Former President’s Home (FPH) at approximately 1000 N. West Campus Drive.

Construction on the new 5,000-square-foot, five bedroom home began in early December 2013, after a year of planning and discussion which culminated last August in the decision of the Provo Planning Commission to approve the guesthouse. “The need for such a guest house has been discussed for some time, particularly over the last year,” said university spokeswoman Carri Jenkins. “If all goes well, particularly in regard to the weather, construction will be completed by the end of winter semester 2014.”

The FPH and the area around it provide a number of memories for students of the university. Some alumni will remember the FPH as the university president’s home (1927–1990), others will have noted the area as a place for receptions and hosted events (1990–2008), and more recent attendees (particularly graduate students) may recall with nostalgia the FPH as the graduate studies office (2008–2013).

When completed, the new home will house university visitors. The brick façade and dark-trim design of the guest home will be similar in design to that of the FPH. As of the end of January, the foundation is now complete and workers are beginning to frame the house.