80 Miles of Thread Creates a Rainbow Masterpiece in the MOA

Plexus No. 29 illustrates how small and simple things can be crafted into a masterpiece. Using 80 miles of thread, world-renowned artist Gabriel Dawe created a stunning installment that adds creativity and beauty to the BYU Museum of Art (MOA) on campus.

A plexus is a network of nerves or vessels in the body or another intricate network or web-like formation, and Dawe has learned to capture that essence perfectly in his Plexus pieces. In an interview with The Universe, Dawe said the Plexus installations are intended to embody the exploration of relationships between fashion and architecture.

Dawe’s work is globally recognized by inclusion of his installments across the U.S., Belgium, France, and elsewhere. His work is on the cover of the 12th edition of Art Fundamentals published by McGraw-Hill and has been featured in numerous publications around the world, including Sculpture magazine and author Tristan Manco’s book Raw + Material = Art. He is represented by Conduit Gallery in Dallas and by Lot 10 Gallery in Brussels.

His installment in the MOA, which will be on display through 2016, is a must-see on your next visit to campus.