McKay School students have an opportunity to student teach either nationally or internationally and gain new insights and experiences.


  • Opportunity to live abroad but teach in English
  • Interesting side trips included in the program
  • Opportunity to student teach at the end of school while teachers are on break
  • Great school with master teachers


  • Multi-cultural students—higher percentages of minority students
  • Great city to live in for historical and cultural opportunities
  • For single female students, subsidized housing
  • For single students in general, great singles ward


  • Multi-cultural students—high percentages of Hispanic and black students
  • Award-winning district for working with children in poverty
  • Great resources for teachers in the schools and in the district
  • Teaching seminars with students from other universities
  • High hire rate for students who student teach

For information, contact Nancy Bassett:
(801) 422-7680
201 T McKay Building