Moser offers ideas for birthdays, reading time, and stations

Mrs. Moser has spent 20 years in the Provo district, and the last six have been teaching first grade at Lakeview Elementary in Vineyard, Utah.

“It was always my intention to teach,” Mrs. Moser said. “I even used to play teacher growing up. We had a desk and blackboard, and I’d teach my cousins when we were all together. I was only nine years old at the time. I just love to see the excitement of learning and the growth in students. It keeps me young.”

Below you’ll find some helpful tips from Mrs. Moser.

“My wish for you is…” —This idea helps students feel special on their birthday. Each student gets to choose a wish from the list, then the student draws a picture for their classmate, and every entry is put into a book for the special birthday boy or girl.

“Fun behavior tool” —There are four colors that coordinate with behavior. Green=good, yellow=warning, red=miss recess, and black=a note home. At the end of the day if the student is green, the punch card is punched and after ten green days they get a reward of some sort.

“Math station” —Every group of desks has a bin full of math helps: a DIY rick’n’rack (counter) beads, two-sided black/red counters, and a book of ideas on how to do math.

“Reading groups” —Laminate names and create a circle for different stations. Then you just have to turn the circle instead of having to move all the names. Really great idea and can be used if you set up lots of different stations.

“Auditory quick check”—When learning vowel sounds, the teacher says a word and each student puts a clothespin on the sound they hear.

“Letters cabinet” —Simply turn your filing cabinet sideways and students can spell words using magnetic letters during reading time.

“Organize in style” —Use a milk container from Costco and put decorative contact paper on the outside to make a boring box fun!

“Line-up right” —Tape laminated names on the floor so that students to know where to line up for lunch, recess, and anything else!

Bonus! “Student information book” —With this book you can keeps track of contact with parents and each student’s progress.