An educational social media resource

Teachers may be noting an inverse relationship between students’ decreasing engagement in class and their increasing engagement on social media. Consequently, traditional teaching resources may not be adequate to compete for students’ attention. Fortunately, the same Internet that distracts students from class also provides new interactive teaching resources that engage students both inside and outside the classroom.

Edmodo is one such resource. It is a free social networking site with more than 21.6 million users, designed specifically for education at all levels. Similar to Facebook, it allows teachers and students to interact through one digital forum whenever they want and wherever they may be.

This interaction is not limited to simple posts. Edmodo allows teachers to continue classroom discussions, schedule assignments, share links, and even award badges based on performance or behavior. Teachers are also able to connect to other teachers, administrators, and parents.

Because it stores grades, badges, and other interactions, Edmodo makes it easy for teachers to monitor their students’ progress. Students’ reactions to quizzes, assignments, and general discussions are captured in their posts, revealing their understanding or confusion. Teachers can review these posts as frequently as needed, and they can compare them to later posts to not only track students’ understanding but also their attitudes concerning assignments or expectations.

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