McKay School alumnus Spencer Bean works with The Algebros, a team of four teachers who created Flipped Math, a flipped-mastery classroom that requires math students to thoroughly learn concepts before moving on to further lessons. The Flipped Math team, including Michael Brust, Timothy Kelly, and Corey Sullivan, has designed a free online program to reach anyone with computer and Internet access. Bean explained the nature of the program and its components:

Flipped learning is not the same thing as flipped-mastery. We often get lumped into the same group of educators because we use video lessons. We do not let students move on to the next topic unless they demonstrate mastery. (We define mastery as 80 percent or better on a quiz called a mastery check.) Our classes include students who are several units (chapters) ahead and those who are struggling and behind pace. Our classes are also blended, with Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 students all together in the same room.

Each course has about 12 units, and each unit consists of three to six lessons. Depending on the availability of computer-generated problems, an entire unit takes us anywhere from 50 hours to 200 hours to create, not including ongoing revisions. This is why we encourage other math teachers to use our materials so they can slowly start creating their own if they would prefer to do something different than what we have available.

Flipped Math components

  • Downloadable video lessons (15–25 minutes each)
  • Packet for each lesson including shell notes, practice problems, and application problems
  • Solutions to practice problems
  • Corrective assignments (extra practice) for students who have failed the first version of the mastery check.
  • Application walkthrough video, which guides the students in setting up and solving word problems

Testimonials from Flipped Math students

When I came here to Kaiserslautern, Germany I was failing algebra and I was completely lost. At first I was skeptical about flipped mastery, but then I finally got into the motion of things and it was so easy! I will always pick a flipped mastery class like the Algebros over normal teaching! I hope you guys teach pre-cal next year!

I like that it not only teaches math, but it also teaches good principles. It causes kids to be awake and actually work. They only get as far as the work they put into it. I feel like it is preparing me. I also like that you have to master the math. You may get behind, but it helps you in the long run. If you do not get something in traditional, then boo hoo; you have to keep going, and it will only make the rest of the year hard.

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