3 Ways Social Media Can Transform Your School Year

How using Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube can bolster your teaching resources and improve classroom communication

Five years ago schools across the nation held tightly to bans on using cellphones and other electronic devices. Today technology is embraced in many classrooms, and social media is beginning to significantly contribute to students’ learning experiences. Here’s how some of today’s most popular social media platforms can help you strengthen your lessons and engage with your students.

1. Pinterest

You can “pin” (post) just about any image you find interesting. You can also “repin” (share) things on the site that catch your attention. Many teachers are using Pinterest as a place to collect and share lesson plans, projects, and inspirational materials. You can find resources for assessment, response to intervention (RTI), common core, learning targets, professional learning communities (PLCs), subjects, grade levels, and lesson plans.

2. Twitter

Teachers can use Twitter in a variety of ways, from connecting and sharing with other educators to reaching out to students in the classroom.

Check out the video below to learn more, or click here to find a list of 50 ways to use Twitter in the classroom.

3. YouTube

Not all schools allow YouTube, but those that do can benefit from the wealth of classroom learning materials on the site. There’s even an education-focused channel just for teachers and students where you can find videos like the TED talk from famed Mythbuster Adam Savage below:

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