A master educator gives advice to the rising generation of teachers

From a young age, Barry Newbold had recurring thoughts of becoming an educator. He began to consider the medical field during high school, but after returning home from a two-year mission in Germany for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he felt impressed to return to this desire to go into education. This impression led to a rewarding career that is still ongoing after 38 years.

Here are some of Newbold’s thoughts on education, in his own words.

My Thoughts on Education

Education is the foundation of a productive, fulfilling life. It is fundamental to the sustenance of a democratic society. Through education, the beliefs, values, religion, and traditions of the former generation are transferred to the next generation. Schools are an ideal setting for gaining the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to contribute to society. Homes are ideal settings for teaching beliefs, values, and tradition. Together, they literally shape the lives of future generations.

My Advice for Future Educators

Never apologize for choosing the field of education. It's a noble, honorable profession that directly impacts the rising generations.

Live modestly so your pay for teaching is ample to supply your needs and the needs of your family. Count your blessings in the number of lives you have touched for good. Cherish the opportunity to help someone learn a new skill or idea. Work to obtain an advanced degree to keep your skills sharp and your mind active and renewed. Love the youth for who they are, and help them be the best they can. Be patient with parents, and show them you care deeply about their children. Take some time for yourself. You can't survive on all work and no play. Work hard, play hard, and rest well.

Be determined, deliberate, and engaged as a student [or alumnus of] BYU. Don't just take a class to pass. Rather, be sure the class passes through you and changes you in positive ways. Be ever thankful for the blessings of a higher education. Live by the words "Enter to Learn. Go Forth to Serve."

My History in Education

[For me,] the major factor in becoming an educator was the opportunity to help young people learn the skills necessary to be productive members of society. I have been in the profession of education for nearly 38 years as a public school teacher, administrator, superintendent, and adjunct professor at Brigham Young University.

Education has literally been my life all these years, whether as a working professional or a student completing advanced degrees and certifications. Education is of paramount importance to my wife and me. Both of us have university degrees. All of our five children and their spouses have college with one exception, who is currently finishing a degree in accounting. We continue to enjoy learning new skills, concepts, and ideas that help us be better citizens, parents, grandparents, and contributing members of our faith.

Newbold completed a bachelor of arts in elementary education with a minor in German from The University of Utah. He then went on to complete his master’s degree in education from Westminster College in Salt Lake City. He later completed an education specialist degree in public school administration and a doctorate in education specializing in public school leadership from Brigham Young University. He currently serves as an associate director of the McKay School of Education’s Center for the Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling. He and his wife, Sherry, reside in Sandy, Utah. They have five children and eight grandchildren.

Photo Courtesy of Barry Newbold.