Drumstastic & Mathematics in Motion

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Drumtastic is a fitness and kinesthetic learning experience that brings curriculum, fitness, and brain health together.  Every child was born with the ability to move and feel rhythm.  Join us in this unique workout that will guide you through a program of drumming, movement, and creative exploration that will thrill not only the child, but the instructor as well. It is a powerful tool to integrate into all classrooms and fitness centers to build better brains, fight childhood obesity, and improve learning and neurological connections— all while having fun!

Carrie Ekins

Carrie Ekins is chief executive officer, education coordinator, and owner of Drums Alive Inc. and UG. She also is the founder and creator of Drums Alive ® and co-founder of Academic Beats®.

Carrie has a master's degree in physical education, dance, with emphasis in sports medicine from Brigham Young University and is a doctoral candidate at the University of Chemnitz, Germany. She is an international presenter, trainer, and educator in the fitness and wellness field, who has been awarded the 2012 Program Director of the Year from the IDEA (International Dance Exercise Association) and Best International Presenter 2010 along with recognition for "Most Innovative and Creative Programming" for Drums Alive ® 2010 from the ECA (East Coast Alliance).

Elkins is known for her creative and unique approach to total fitness through incorporating the mind, body, and spirit into an integrated fitness/wellness program. She strives to design one-of-a-kind programs while keeping in the forefront her primary goal of making her programs a "whole mind, whole body" experience for all participants . The unity of mind, body and spirit is essential to her philosophy, the driving force behind her work. Carrie desires that all of her programs meet the needs of diverse audiences and are applicable to any market, whether it be young children,  elderly participants, or individuals with special needs. She believes that the experience and joy of movement and rhythm are the same for everyone; however, the expression of these components may vary according to the population one is teaching. Carrie's extensive teaching experience and background in dance, competitive athletics, and fitness/wellness program development give her the opportunity to create and inspire both instructors and students.

Carrie shares her passion for fitness and education through publishing articles in a variety of trade magazines, including IDEA Today, Shape, Fitness Trainer, Aerobic Fitness Instructor, Fitness Professionals, Sport and Fitness, WellFit, Brigitte, and Augsburg Journal. In addition, she writes manuals for established education companies in the US and Germany. 

Courtney Johnson

Courtney Johnson is the co-founder of Academic Beats. She enjoys creating lessons which engage students.  In high school she learned to fly and obtained her pilots license and gained a love for math and physics.  She attended Brigham Young University and commercial flight school at the same time. She enjoyed entering Amelia Earhart flight competitions and flew around the Western United States competing. During this time, Courtney was on the popular Hooked on Aerobics television show.

When Courtney graduated from BYU in education, she taught 5th grade. Later, Courtney taught part time as an aerobics instructor at Brigham Young University and enjoyed raising her 4 young children. Courtney returned to the classroom and became very interested in writing. She joined the Utah Writing Project and worked closely with Bill Strong as a director of various introductory site workshops and guest presented all over the state. She landed her first major publication as a co-author of Capsters, a children’s Klutz book. Courtney received her master’s degree in curriculum instruction in 2007 and her supervisory license in 2009. She now enjoys her administrative role as a principal at Sego Lily Elemenary School in Utah and continues to teach various professional development courses.

Courtney loves education because it involves kids. “I live for them, love them, and believe they hold the keys to our future. What we do as teachers, administrators, and a community is what really counts in this world. I’m so excited to be in a program that explores ways to improve our practice.”