If you give a kid a banana . . .  K–6

Come explore art and science through three-dimensional sculpture centered around my favorite subject--food. We will consider the boundaries of food vs. art and make hypotheses about bananas and other wonderful foods. We will also investigate the work of several delicious artists who use natural processes (such as decay or deflation) as an artistic medium.

BOTH workshops will provide the same experience. See you there!

Christine Palmer

Christine Palmer has been creating art as long as she can remember with whatever she can get her hands on. Her current passion is restoring vintage pieces of furniture into funky works of art--her creative idea of recycling. From pottery to painting, her art has been displayed and sold nationwide. Christine has taught art at all grade levels from kindergarten through college and currently teaches art education courses at Brigham Young University. She considers each age level her absolute favorite and still cannot believe that she gets paid for having so much fun. Christine received both her BA and MA in Art Education from BYU.