Yearning for Learning: K–6

How to ignite a contagious wild fire in the minds and actions of students to create a powerful enthusiasm and energetic inner joy of learning. How to move past areas where we might feel stuck.  How to open creativity, inspire brilliance, and invite the enlivening magic of true learning.  How to help students choose-to accept encouraging, longterm, and liberating striving for excellence as a way of being.  How to help students be courageous, observant, and ingenious in everyday moments by enjoying and receiving their own responsibility for free-flowing learning.  How to be a timeless teacher, balanced builder, and cheerful educator.  How to be powerful beyond measure, gently nurture, and harmoniously heal.  How to honor the natural greatness in ourselves and everyone else.

Dennis Allen

Dennis S. Allen, MBA is an Educator of Health and Physical Education at a private school for grades K–8th in Salt Lake City, Utah.  As Athletic Director Mr. Allen helped create a multi-school and multi-sport athletic association constructing positive experiences for thousands of students and families.  He has written powerful course curriculum and instruction protocols which has launched student achievement rankings well-beyond state and national averages to excellent top-tier levels.

Dennis holds undergraduate degrees in business and chemistry from USU and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Utah. He is a military veteran with an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force. He has consulted at fortune 500 companies, high-tech businesses, economic development agencies, plastic surgery centers, non-profit organizations, and more.

Through Business Consulting, Executive Coaching, and Global Educating, Dennis Allen works with Business Leaders and Change Makers who value timeless success; joyful living; and excellent over adequate.  He has worked with United Nations Peace Ambassadors, Presidents of Sovereign Nations, and Gold-Medal Olympians. Mr. Allen has spoken globally at conferences and events, including engagements at prestigious colleges and universities.  Before transitioning his book of business, Dennis worked closely with some of the wealthiest families in the country while serving as a trusted Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo.

Dennis Allen is an athlete and 7-time marathon finisher. He is a happy father of two beautiful daughters ages (7 and 12) and a son who died at birth. He enjoys laughter, smiles, and beautiful moments together with family and friends.