The Local ACE Physics Store and its Great Physics Equipment: Building and Launching a Hot Air Balloon

Today we will build and launch a hot air balloon using tissue paper and a ACE Physics Store Hot Air Balloon Launcher.

Duane Merrell

Duane is a rural kid at heart. Growing up in a small community where even a sleep over at a friend’s house was worthy of comment in the local newspaper influenced his life.  Educators were  a tremendous influence on Duane in Grades K-16.  He can still remember the names of all of his elementary teachers.  He has kept his elementary report cards, but if he shared them with you they might make you question attending this session today.  Duane is proud to say that he may have been in the top 60% of his kindergarten class. Duane is a self-proclaimed late bloomer academically, now having advanced math and physics degrees.  But he still believes that algebra is really just the serious study of the last three letters of the alphabet—xyz.  Using common items found in hardware stores, The ACE Physics Store,  fondly referred to as “The Physics Place” by his students, he has developed engaging and memorable ways to teach physics.