Steam: Full steam ahead to connect Science and Dance! Grades K–3

Keeping kids STATIONARY is not a good idea. We need to get BACK ON TRACK and SWITCH to another LINE by getting kids up and moving as they learn science through dance. We can TRAIN our students' minds with a SPARK of enthusiasm by moving through the concepts of gravity, force, and motion (of living and non-living things) and simple machines. Hope you will LOCOMOTE yourself on over to this session!

Steam: Full STEAM ahead to connect TECHNOLOGY AND DANCE! Grades 3–6

JUMP ON BOARD as we CHUG our way through a TUNNEL OF TECHNOLOGY and DANCE! Learn how to create stop motion videos with a simple app that will get those ONE-TRACK minded kids up and dancing, thinking, learning, understanding, EXPRESSING and connecting with curriculum. Your students will love this and it’s easy and fun for everyone! Hope you will CHOO CHOO choose to come! 

Steam: Full STEAM ahead to connect MATH AND DANCE! Grades 2–5

Don’t let your students RUN OUT OF STEAM as they struggle with math problems! Avoid the TRAIN WRECK and learn how to teach math concepts through dance! We don’t want to RE-TRAIN them, so let’s ENGINEER students' brains in a kinesthetic way. LET OFF SOME STEAM and come join us for a RIDE as we dance geometry, fractions, multiplication and division! Now that’s the TICKET!

Jana Shumway

Jana Shumway received her BA and MA from Brigham Young University in Dance Education.  She has taught dance at The Waterford School (for 10 years), Brigham Young University (for 8 years), William Penn Elementary as part of the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program (for 6 years), and has recently returned to BYU as a visiting professor to teach contemporary technique and dance education classes.  She is also the co-artistic director of BYU’s Kinnect Dance Co.  Jana loves the challenge of writing dance lesson plans that integrate with core curriculum.  But even more, she enjoys the enthusiasm and spontaneity of the children as they dance and participate in these lessons!