10-Minute Music Energizers Grades K–6

Moving With Music: Come and Follow Me! Grades K–2

We'll sing songs of American cultural heritage and experience singing games which provide opportunities for interdisciplinary learning with English and social studies.

Singing As We Go  Grades 3–6?

We'll enjoy songs that are simple in melody, form, and structure, making them easy to learn and recall. We'll also enjoy the fun of a song-experience-game that students of all ages will love to play.


Jane Nelson

Jane worked for 30 years as a classroom teacher and music specialist in Grades K-6.  She is a master teacher of Education Through Music and a state and district music in-service clinician.  She is a past vice president of  Teachers of Elementary Classroom Music and a recipient of the UMEA Elementary Teacher of the Year award.  She is a former USOE field assistant in the area of fine arts professional development and serves as a USOE mentor for level one music endorsement candidates.