Puppetry and Changes in Living Things: K–6

This will be a hands on class where we will make a pop-up puppet to be used to help explain changes in living things.  How living things change in their lives when reaching adulthood, how living things have changed to live in a certain environment and how living things change/adapt to live in a new environment. After making the puppets, grade levels will work together to put on a short, improvised puppet show based on their own science core.  

Linda Gold

Linda’s love for theatre began when she became involved in summer youth productions. That love carried into college where she earned her master’s degree from BYU in Theatre and Cinematic Arts with an emphasis in children’s theatre.

For the past six years, Linda has worked as a BTS drama specialist in Davis and Jordan School Districts. Before that, she worked as adjunct faculty for BYU and SLCC, teaching drama in the elementary classroom, puppetry, creative drama and film. She is the creator and owner of Golden Touch Puppets, making, selling and occasional performing with puppets. Her greatest joy in teaching comes from seeing the impact that the arts have on her students. One of those students recently wrote, “Drama has changed our lives. Thank you so much.” Last year, Linda was a recipient of the Sorensen Legacy Award, given for excellence in arts education.

Linda is the wife of Harley Gold and the mother of Jason, Jonathan, Paul, Michelle, Brian and Aaron. She is the grandmother of three darling little boys.

Paul Nance

Paul is a graduate of the University of Utah: Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, 1975 and a Master of Education in Educational Studies, 1993.  He has been in education for 39 years.  He taught 22 years in the regular educational program for Jordan District.  After getting a Gifted and Talented Endorsement in 1997, he taught in the Jordan District Accelerated Program for 4 years.  He is presently the Science Teacher Specialist for Jordan District serving now for 13 years.

He has received the NSTA Outstanding Educator of the Year in Science, the NSTA Marvin N. Tolman Life Long Service Award, the UAGC Sally M. Todd Local Leadership Award, and the Governor’s Medal for Science and Technology Award.

In 2002 when the State of Utah State Science Core came out, he was over the writing of the 3rd through 6th Grades State of Utah Science Core Teacher Resource Books. He has presented at USTA, UAGC, UCET, UMEE, and TI conferences.  He also helped write and present lessons for the Elementary Science Core Academies from 2002 through 2010.

Paul believes that each child should have every chance to learn everyday, that they should never be forgotten or ignored.  He believes that the best approach to student science understanding is through hands-on science coupled with the integration of literacy and the arts for students to get the full benefit of understanding about our world.

Paul enjoys hiking, camping, and water skiing. His favorite pastime is traveling around Utah, visiting sites of science and historical value especially with his grandchildren.